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Scrap Metal gantry shear
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Both gantry shears and crocodile shears are used to cut materials in the industry. These two tools are very useful, and these two tools are used in many places. Although the functions of gantry scissors and crocodile scissors are similar, there will still be some differences between them. So, what are the basic differences between gantry scissors and crocodile scissors?

The gantry shear is similar to the guillotine shear. Generally, the material box is more than 5 meters. It requires a large grab machine or crane to grab the scrap metal into the material box. There is a pushing device at the back to drive the scrap steel under the shear blade. One-step cutting work. The length of the scrap steel can be automatically controlled to cut the length of the material. Crocodile shearing machine is a small equipment, suitable for self-employed, small scrap metal recycling station, the amount of shearing is not large, can be manual, automatic, free choice.

timg (7) 拷贝.jpg

Gantry scissors and crocodile scissors are suitable for different groups of people

The large size of the shearing machine is suitable for large-scale scrap recycling stations. It has high working efficiency and a large amount of shearing scrap. The crocodile shearing machine is similar to household scissors. The general cutting edge is 800mm, 1000mm, 1200mm. It is suitable for small and medium-sized scrap steel processing and recovery points. A manual feeding shearer is needed. The advantage is cheap and the general shear can meet the scrap steel processing. . The shearing machine generally cuts more materials than the shearing amount. The crocodile shearing machine is cheap to build and takes up a small area. The crocodile shear is less efficient than the new shear, but it is still very valuable for small and medium-sized scrap disposal. After all, the price of the new shear is there, and the shear effect is similar. It is labor-saving and mechanized operation.

Different shears are suitable for different scrap steel processing plants, and you can choose the equipment that is more suitable for your needs according to your personal needs.

The shearing machine is similar to the guillotine cutting, and the crocodile shear is similar to household scissors. The purpose is that the shearing machine generally cuts relatively large materials. The shearing machine is suitable for steel mills, metal recycling and processing industries and non-ferrous metals, black Smelting industry, etc. Various specifications of steel, various metal plates, and scrap metal structural parts can be cold-cut to the required size, saving transportation costs and improving smelting efficiency.

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The crocodile shearing machine is suitable for metal recycling processing plants, scrapped automobile dismantling plants, and smelting and casting industries. It cold-cuts various shapes of steel and various metal structures, and processes them into qualified furnace materials. The integrated metal shearing machine can be operated continuously automatically or once manually. It is a processing equipment for cutting thin and light furnace materials and steel bars.

Generally speaking, the plate type is more suitable for cutting, and the bar shape is more suitable for crocodile bars. The cutting methods of the two models are different. The suitable places are different. In short, they can use their functions to the fullest.for further information ,please visit 

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    Now that the application of plastic bottle balers has become more and more extensive, what preparations should we make when applying this product?

    Next, let's follow the editor to find out.

    The plastic bottle baler works for a long time and reaches a certain service life. In order to make the equipment play the overall value, the old parts need to be replaced. There are several aspects that need attention in the process of replacing the cylinder of the plastic bottle baler.

    According to the correct disassembly method, on the one hand, the disassembly process is smooth and not damage the equipment; on the other hand, it is also to take care of safety issues.

    Before disassembling the hydraulic cylinder of the mineral water bottle Baler, drain the hydraulic oil in the two chambers of the hydraulic cylinder, then remove the end cover, and then pull out the piston rod and piston for disassembly.

    When disassembling the parts, don't beat them forcefully. If it is unavoidable, a copper rod should be used to prevent damage to the parts of the Baler.

    Some parts need tools, must use tools, do not beat or pry hard.

    Some bolt-fastened parts use thread tightening agent during assembly, which is difficult to disassemble. If disassembling may break the bolts, the exposed part of the bolts can be heated to make the glue fall off before disassembling. .

    When disassembling the hydraulic cylinder of the plastic bottle Baler, pay attention to whether there is a hydraulic lock on the cylinder. If so, remove the hydraulic lock first, otherwise there will be pressure from the hydraulic lock in the hydraulic cylinder, which will not only cause difficulty in disassembly, but also easy Cause equipment and personal injury.


    When the hydraulic lock is removed, several layers of clean cotton cloth can be used to wrap the connecting part, and then loosen the screw to prevent high-pressure oil from spraying out.

    NICKBALER plastic bottle Baling Press machine manufacturers have accumulated mature production technology for many years, and we are committed to providing customers with good service, low-cost and high-quality products.

  • Disadvantages of unqualified beverage bottle Baling Press machine

    With the further improvement of our environmental awareness, the utilization rate of beverage bottle Baling Press machines continues to increase.

    Individual users ordered beverage bottle Balers that failed due to poor inspections, causing commercial investment failures, production failures and waste of funds.

    In order to meet market demand, many manufacturers without production experience and strength are imitating production. 

    The equipment produced has only appearance, without any substance, and quality cannot be controlled.

    Next, let us understand the harmful consequences of not ordering the waste paper baler.

    Beverage bottle Balers that cannot be ordered, equipment cannot be used, production cannot be carried out, all investments cannot create value, and the harmful consequences of investment costs cannot be recovered.

    For beverage bottle packaging machines, all investments must be at least 300,000 yuan. For ordinary investors, this is definitely not a small amount. It may cause heavy debts and serious bankruptcy consequences.


    In view of the serious harmful consequences of the packaging of beverage bottles that are not ordered, you must go to the manufacturer’s site for on-site inspection to determine whether the equipment logo is produced by the manufacturer.

    NICKBALER recommends that you shop around when choosing a beverage bottle Baler, and don't choose an unqualified Baler because of the low price, so as not to cause serious losses.

  • Selection of waste paper baler

    We often encounter customer inquiries about how to choose a horizontal and vertical waste paper baler. What is the difference between the two? Let's analyze this problem for you. Welcome everyone to pay attention.

    The vertical waste paper baler is a small-scale baling station or equipment selected in the case of insufficient initial funds. In addition, the vertical baler can pack the waste generated in the production of wool, shreds, rags, etc., and is used on a small scale. The product.

    Horizontal waste paper baler is now the mainstream equipment used in waste paper baling stations, which can satisfy more than ten tons of paper per day. Can prepare for future scale expansion.

    For raw materials such as yellow cardboard, air-conditioned cartons, etc., you can choose a conventional horizontal waste paper baler, and for raw materials with paper edges, you can choose a small horizontal baler.

    net 1 2.jpg

    If the daily waste paper recycling business volume is large, it is wise to choose a horizontal baler. If the business volume is small, it is recommended to choose a vertical waste paper baler to save the purchase cost.

    Both NICKBALER waste paper balers have their own use occasions and advantages, and users can choose according to production needs.

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