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Scrap Plastic Bottle packer started mass production and put into use
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The scrap Plastic Bottle packer started mass production and was put into use. In the 1980s, large-tonnage hydraulic baler was also put into use, and my country's scrap Plastic Bottle processing technology and technology have made a new leap, and the packaging quality of scrap Plastic Bottle has been comprehensively improved. It has been proved by practice that the hydraulic baler has a compact structure, flexible operation, high degree of automation, long service life, large pressure tonnage, and a large increase in scrap Plastic Bottle density. It saves packaging materials and reduces the loss of vehicles. The economic benefit is considerable.

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    However, the hydraulic baler has the problem of poor quality of hydraulic parts, and it also requires maintenance and operator's technical quality. Sealing is the most basic and important device to ensure the normal operation of the hydraulic system. The sealing device is mainly used to prevent liquid leakage.

    A good sealing device is the guarantee that the hydraulic system can transmit power and work normally. If the seal is not good, it will cause increased leakage of the system and components, reduce the system pressure and volumetric efficiency, waste energy, and in serious cases will cause the system to not work properly. For hydraulic systems, poor sealing results in oil leakage and pollution of the environment, so it is very important to use the sealing device correctly.

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    The scrap Plastic Bottle packing machine of Shaanxi Nick Machinery Factory is an important link in the recycling of scrap Plastic Bottle, and it is of great significance to the utilization of scrap Plastic Bottle and other compressible renewable resources. At the same time, the recycling rate of scrap Plastic Bottle in my country is low and needs to be further improved, which also shows that the application of scrap Plastic Bottle baler is very necessary, and it also needs further promotion and research.For more information ,please visit :   or 

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