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influencing the production efficiency of horizontal waste paper baler?
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The direct influencing factors of the production efficiency of the horizontal waste paper baler: the types and specifications of the bales, the different models have different output, and the different specifications directly determine the productivity of the baler. Horizontal waste paper packer vane pump. The vane pump rotates the impeller to convert the mechanical energy of the power machine into hydraulic energy (potential energy, kinetic energy, pressure energy). When the vane pump rotor rotates, the effect of the vane on the centripetal force and pressure oil Next, the tip is tightly attached to the inner surface of the stator.

In this way, the working volume formed by the two blades and the inner surface of the rotor and the stator is first to absorb oil from small to large, and then to discharge oil from large to small. When the blade rotates once, the oil absorption and discharge are completed twice. The vane pump has a simple structure and a flow rate On average, the displacement is large and the efficiency is high, some of which exceed one ton per hour.

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The production efficiency of the conventional horizontal waste paper baler is higher than that of the equipment with a door at the discharge port. The quality of the hydraulic oil used by the horizontal waste paper baler is directly determined by the quality of the hydraulic oil. It also directly affects the failure rate and service life of the cylinder. Working pressure of horizontal waste paper baler The output pressure of the hydraulic pump of the horizontal waste paper baler in practice is called working pressure.

The size of the working pressure depends on the size of the external load and the pressure loss on the oil discharge line, and has nothing to do with the flow of the hydraulic pump. The maximum allowable pressure of the horizontal waste paper baler is higher than the rated pressure. According to the rules of the experimental specification, the maximum pressure value that allows the hydraulic pump of the horizontal waste paper baler to operate temporarily is called the maximum allowable pressure of the hydraulic pump.

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Every time the hydraulic pump makes a revolution, the volume of the discharged liquid calculated from the change in the geometric size of the sealed volume of the waste paper packaging is called the displacement of the hydraulic pump. The hydraulic pump with adjustable displacement is called the variable pump; the hydraulic pump with a constant displacement It is called quantitative fore more information ,please visit 

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