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How does the Silage baling press machine operate in outdoor ?
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Four-wheel movement and two-wheel movement can be selected: Four-wheel movement is a short-distance movement, and it is generally used to move in a flat field. The movement speed should not be too fast. The long-distance movement should have a large turning radius, which can stabilize the fully automatic waste paper baler. For Gaoliang, it is not easy to roll over and cause damage to the instrument; NKB240 rice husk bagging press machine, for rice husk, this semi-automatic waste paper baler is used to squeeze waste paper and other products under normal conditions, and use public packaging With packaging forming, waste paper packaging machine. Its volume is greatly reduced, so as to reduce the transportation volume, and the smallest type of waste paper baler 120 tons of automatic waste paper baler is the policy of adding benefits to the enterprise. The advanced technology and advanced craftsmanship of this kind of products at home and abroad have been introduced.

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Easy to move, can use dual power, high and low pressure combined fast hydraulic system, the smallest waste paper baler packs quickly, the length of the bale is adjustable, and the performance is stable. The cost of the fully automatic waste paper baler is relatively high. For some customers In other words, the large investment in the early stage will have an impact on the later working capital. The mineral water bottle packer, for this, we have developed this model while ensuring that the equipment can largely meet the demand. 120 Ton Fully Automatic Waste Paper Baler Model 120 Fully Automatic Baler This model is based on the NKB240 Baler model and is equipped with a rope guide device.

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In the bundling process, the threading process of the rope is completed by a machine, which is completed at one time. This process is done manually.

Diesel engine and electric motor mechanism can be used as power: to deal with the problem of no power supply; diesel engine and electric motor mechanism can be selected as power: to deal with the problem of no power supply.

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