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agricultural straw baling price machine product is very good for power generation
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The price of hydraulic agricultural straw baler is a kind of pellet fuel forming machine using corn agricultural straw, rice straw agricultural straw, sawdust, wood powder, sawdust and other agricultural discards as materials. The pellets made by this machine can be used in fireplaces, boilers, and gas. The use of chemical furnaces and biomass power plants. With the development of skills, the skills of agricultural straw balers for power generation are gradually getting old, and the use of agricultural straw balers for power generation has good benefits.

With the development of biomass power generation technology, the use of agricultural straw balers fits the needs of my country's economic development at that time. As we know, our country is the most populous country in the world, but its primary power reserves are small, during which coal reserves are 1/10 of the world's, oil reserves are 1/40 of the world, and natural gas reserves are 1/100 of the world. Per capita possession is lower.

Therefore, the renewable power produced by the agricultural straw baler is used for power generation, and every 2t of agricultural straw is appropriate 1t of standard coal. The total amount of biomass resources that can be developed in China is about 500 million tons of standard coal in the short term, and 1 billion tons in the long term. The standard coal metal briquetting machine can directly cold-press powdered cast iron scraps, steel scraps, copper scraps, aluminum scraps, high-quality mineral powder, etc. into cakes for storage, transportation, and recycling. After being restricted into blocks, the loss is extremely low when put into the furnace and recovered. The whole production process does not require heating, adding additives or other processes, and is directly cold-pressed to form. The forming also ensures that the original raw materials are unchanged. For example, cast iron scraps are used instead of cast pig iron after forming. With regard to castings of special raw materials, it means more to retract. Has a good social meaning.

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In addition, the infection caused by the incineration of agricultural straw balers is very low, and the pollution of biomass power can be ignored. In 2006, the combined installed capacity of coal-fired power generation in my country has reached

4. 84×10s kW, 1.2 billion tons of coal is used every year, S02 emissions reach 20 million tons, and dust emissions are about 3 million tons. Hydraulic agricultural straw baler, also known as strapping machine, strapping machine or strapping machine, is used The strapping strap binds the product or the package, then tightens it and joins the two ends through the hot melt bonding method of the heating iron. The function of the agricultural straw baler is to reinforce the packaged goods, so that the goods will not be scattered due to inadequate tying during transportation and storage, and the tying should be neat and beautiful. With biomass power generation, the proportion of sulfur contained in agricultural straw is only 0.125%, which is appropriate for 1/10 of the proportion of coal.

At present, the utilization rate of agricultural straw is low in most regions of our country. Farmers use incineration to process agricultural straw, which constitutes flue gas that infects highways and airports, which increases many traffic accidents and also causes the closure of airports. The use of agricultural straws for power generation has reduced the S02 and NO brought by coal-fired power plants. To air pollution, reduce coal ash dust emissions, and control the burning of agricultural straw on the spot to constitute a traffic accident, which is a great thing for the country and the people. Has a good meaning.

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Through the above analysis, the selection of agricultural straw baler for sawdust production has good economic and social benefits. The metal briquetting machine can directly cold press powdered cast iron, steel, copper, aluminum, and high-quality mineral powder. The cakes can be stored, transported and put into the furnace for recycling. After being restricted into blocks, the loss is extremely low when put into the furnace and recovered.

The whole production process does not require heating, adding additives or other processes, and is directly cold-pressed to form. The forming also ensures that the original raw materials are unchanged. For example, cast iron scraps are used instead of cast pig iron after forming. With regard to castings of special raw materials, it means more to retract. It was a sought-after job that was funded at that time to achieve multiple benefits in one fell swoop, supported by our country's policy.

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Our company is committed to the production of balers, with a complete range of features such as reasonable design, beautiful models, convenient operation, and accurate accuracy. In the future, we will continue to research and innovate to better serve consumers and make consumers more assured.for more information ,please visit 

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    When the hydraulic lock is removed, several layers of clean cotton cloth can be used to wrap the connecting part, and then loosen the screw to prevent high-pressure oil from spraying out.

    NICKBALER plastic bottle Baling Press machine manufacturers have accumulated mature production technology for many years, and we are committed to providing customers with good service, low-cost and high-quality products.

  • Disadvantages of unqualified beverage bottle Baling Press machine

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    In view of the serious harmful consequences of the packaging of beverage bottles that are not ordered, you must go to the manufacturer’s site for on-site inspection to determine whether the equipment logo is produced by the manufacturer.

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    net 1 2.jpg

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    Both NICKBALER waste paper balers have their own use occasions and advantages, and users can choose according to production needs.

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