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The benefits of automatic green storage baler in livestock feed packaging
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The automatic green storage baler is undoubtedly a challenge and subversion to the traditional pasture storage method. The crushed and kneaded pasture, after hydraulic packaging and vacuum-coated anaerobic fermentation, effectively increases the nutrients of the pasture and the palatability of cattle and sheep. It eliminates harmful fungi and reduces the occurrence of gastrointestinal diseases in livestock. The fully automatic green storage baler bundles the finished straw bales after the film has a small volume and high density, which is convenient for transportation and retrieval, long storage time and good freshness preservation. Outdoor storage does not deteriorate, saving warehouse investment. The product has fast bundling speed, good coating effect, convenient maintenance and simple operation.


Due to the good sealing performance of the stretch film wrapped silage, the fully automatic silage baler improves the quality of the anaerobic fermentation environment of lactic acid bacteria, improves the nutritional value of the feed, has a fragrant smell, high crude protein content, low crude fiber content, and high digestibility. Good palatability, high feed intake, and extremely high utilization rate of livestock. There is very little waste, and mold loss, fluid loss and feeding loss are greatly reduced. At the same time, due to the good sealing, there is no juice outflow phenomenon and will not pollute the environment.

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