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Effecting factors of the hydraulic waste paper bailer press
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How does the cavitation phenomenon of the hydraulic system of the hydraulic waste paper bailer press occur?

1.Oil quality.If the oil has poor foam resistance and is easy to vaporize and form foam,it is easy to cause cavitation.

2.The oil level is too high or too low.If the oil level is too high,the oil is mechanically stirred and the gas is easy to dissolve in the oil; if the oil level is too low,the working pump is easy to absorb air,resulting in insufficient circulating oil flow,which increases the air or water in the oil to form bubbles Probability.

3.The oil is overheated.If the oil temperature is too high,the oil is easy to vaporize,the water evaporates,the foam and air bubbles increase,and the cavitation phenomenon increases.

4.The oil pressure changes frequently.

5.Poor quality of cooling water.


6.Air and moisture invade the oil.The main channel of air intrusion is the lack of sealing at the suction port and pipe joints of the pump,causing air to enter the system.

7.The cooling system is poorly maintained.

8.Conditions of use.The working process of construction machinery is rough,especially the diesel engine,which has a large explosion pressure,which causes a corresponding increase in the lateral percussion force,which causes an increase in cavitation.

The above are several factors that cause the cavitation phenomenon of the waste paper hydraulic bailer press.

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