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Why waste paper recovery rate is too low
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Paper expert Gu Minda: My papermaking raw materials, waste paper accounted for a large proportion, if imported, we have to spend a lot of foreign exchange to buy imported waste paper. Meanwhile, China produced about 14 million tons per year of waste paper recovery rate is very low. Compare the gap can be seen: Japan's waste paper recovery rate is 78%; Germany, 4 million tons of waste paper per year, accounting for 83% of all waste paper; the Finnish city of old newspapers, magazines recovery almost 100% ?

Chinese paper industry, "15" plan put forward for the proportion of waste utilization increased from 41% in 2000 to 48% in 2010, reached 55% in 2015, in which the proportion of domestic waste utilization reached 43%. China's wastepaper recycling uneven development, rapid coastal development. In 2001, the national waste paper pulp accounts for 44% of pulp and paper with the total, net imports of waste paper, domestic waste recovery rate of less than 30%. In recent years, mainly to improve the utilization of waste paper imported wastepaper resolved, the parties concerned should cause attention, we need to increase measures to improve the recovery rate of domestic waste. Why the low recovery rate of waste paper do? Our legal norms and policy support paper recycling is not enough concrete, not in place. The national paper recycling done quite mature, most of them have a set of interests of all parties thoughtful, strong operational details quantify strict recycling laws system. Authorities for paper companies, mandatory must use a certain amount of waste paper as raw material; recycling business, the provisions of the Government must give some subsidies to ensure their normal operation, to get reasonable value for money; for consumers, law enforcement authorities subject to spot checks, not required for classification of the waste sent to the designated collection point, and fines. By comparison, the recycling of resources not pay enough attention. Imagine, for waste water mixed with sand to earn illegal money was dry, if there is an appropriate policy of subsidies, serious recycling, waste sorting things some people will compete to do good.

People in addressing environmental protection and resource recycling, always likes to emphasize the presence of Chinese and foreign nationals conceptual gap, in fact, the law set the rules, the rules raise habit, habit, naturalizing notion that this is a process. To recycle one specific part of a reasonable standard, including the use of recycled paper, including the "recycling economy" in order to really grow up.

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