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Shearing machine workpiece method
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The commonly used methods of shearing machine to reduce workpiece processing errors mainly include original error reduction method,error compensation method,error handling method,error grouping method,error uniform method and error synthesis method.

1.Error synthesis method of shearing machine.

Eliminating the error of the machine tool is the most important way to ensure the final machining accuracy of the workpiece.The error synthesis method requires measuring the original data of each axis of the machine tool.

2.Error compensation method of shearing machine.

Error compensation method is to artificially create an error to offset the original error inherent in the process system,or use an original error to offset another original error,so as to achieve the purpose of improving the machining accuracy of the vertical machining center.

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3.The method of directly reducing the original error of the shearing machine.

It refers to trying to eliminate or reduce directly the primary original error factor that affects the processing accuracy.

4.Error average method of shearing machine.

The error averaging method is to compare and correct each other with closely related appearances,or use each other as a benchmark for processing,so as to achieve the intention of the vertical machining center to eliminate processing errors.

5.Error transfer method of shearing machine.

The essence of the error transfer method is the summary error caused by the collective error, force deformation and thermal deformation of the handling process system.

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6. Error grouping method of shears.

In the machining center processing,because of the existence of the process blank error,the processing error of this process is caused.The change of the blank error has two main influences on this process:response error and positioning error.

The above are the six major methods to reduce the machining errors of the plate shearing machine summarized by Nick Machinery.If you encounter it next time,you can try it.If there is a problem that can't be solved,please call

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