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How to deal with the vibration of the hydraulic press of the straw baler
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In general use, the hydraulic transmission system software of industrial equipment is very prone to common problems. Sometimes, mild vibration will cause the normal use of the straw baler. So how to prevent this kind of situation and what is the cause of this kind of situation?

1. When manufacturing or repairing the straw baler, the installation and cleaning should be carried out in strict accordance with the standards, and ensure that there is no environmental pollution and no leakage during installation.

2. Pay attention to tightening the connectors of all pipelines of industrial equipment, and scrub the gasket with vegetable butter. To prevent the gasket from being destroyed due to its errors during the entire tightening process, and strictly prevent leakage at the pipe joints.

3. When tightening the connecting screws, apply symmetrical force. When tightening the screws, use the included angle. In addition, pay attention to the symmetry of the sealing gasket. Two layers of paper pads are not allowed.

4. When eliminating the debris on the oil filter element, to prevent secondary pollution, use an air pump to remove the filter element and clean it with a diesel engine. If the filter element is serious to air pollution, it can be replaced. In addition, when configuring the filter system, pay attention to sufficient capacity.


5. The hydraulic filter element must ensure that there is sufficient oil, and the oil is not less than the mark line of the oil level gauge. If the oil volume is too low, the oil pump will be emptied, which will endanger the operation of the hydraulic oil pump and even seriously damage the oil pump.

6. The common driving force of the hydraulic press of the automatic straw baler is the external control leakage type. Therefore, this product should be installed at the import and export trade office of the pump. One is to be able to maintain a certain amount of pressure. The second is to prevent backflow of gear oil.

7. Improve the hydraulic drive system software of the equipment to prevent the hydraulic cylinder of the straw baler from crawling. And set the necessary exhaust pipe plug or automatic exhaust valve in the hydraulic cylinder.

Nick straw baler has the characteristics of small footprint, simple operation, high work efficiency, mobile use, compact bundling effect, high density, and good air permeability.

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