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What are the factors that affect the shear quality of the shearing machine?
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It is a very delicate physical process from the deformation of the steel plate to the completion of the shearing, which is based on the effect of mutual forces. So what problems will affect the shear quality of the shearing machine? Let's analyze it below.

1 Metal properties: When steel plates are produced, raw materials with different strengths are produced according to different element ratios. The higher the strength of the raw material, the greater its shear resistance and the lower its plasticity. It is very inconvenient to cut, and the quality is not good. At the same time, it will damage the cutting edge. So be careful when cutting data.

2 Shearing temperature: The steel plate will be heated at high temperature during the shearing process of the shearing machine. The effect is to facilitate the steel plate to be cut better. If the temperature is higher, the unit shear resistance will be smaller, and the shear blade will deepen the section. The greater the value, the higher or lower temperature has a very important effect.

3. Lateral clearance of the shear blade: With the continuous movement of the steel plate, the steel plate will have a rolling displacement. In order to ensure the shearing quality of the shearing machine, it is necessary to apply pressure to the steel plate on both sides of the shear blade. The size of the spacing on both sides directly affects the force status of the steel plate. If the spacing is too large or too small, the force of the steel plate will be unbalanced and the rolling displacement will change and the shear quality will be greatly compromised.


4. Shearing blade radius: Everyone knows that under the effect of the same force, the larger the area, the smaller the unit force will be. If the shearing blade radius is larger, the counter-effect force generated by the steel plate will be dispersed, and then the unit shear resistance will be larger. Therefore, the larger the blunt radius of the knife, the less "fast" the knife will be.

In addition to the points listed above, which are relatively common elements, factors such as the friction coefficient of the pressure plate, the shear blade and the steel plate, and the geometry of the shear blade will also have an impact, but the impact is relatively small.

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