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waste paper hydraulic baler
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With the gradual influx of waste paper hydraulic baler series equipment into people's daily lives, people's living standards have been improved to some extent, and as the people's favorite waste paper hydraulic baler equipments have performed even more in the progress of the times. Efforts in the development of the market are even more shining. This gives people more convenience.

The development of the market is better served by the needs of consumers. The progress of the times has brought about more improvement in people's lives. It has continuously given people a higher class of living conditions, and the continuous use of waste paper hydraulic balers series products. Efforts have been made to get a good response from the market. The help brought to people's lives has been affirmed, and they have been continuously enjoyed by consumers. With the progress of the times, hydraulic baler products have increased in strength and brought more convenience to people. No matter what kind of development, the waste paper hydraulic baler series products have made some progress and brought more and more people's surprises. In the future development of the era, it is hoped that it will bring more convenience to people. And work hard.

The progress of the packaging industry has brought about some changes and progress in people’s lives. It continues to give people more colors of life, and it has also been applied to waste paper hydraulic balers equipment products along with the advanced technology of science and technology. It has more power to bring new chapters of life to people, leading people to move further forward.

Waste paper hydraulic baler equipment, according to the size of the model and customer requirements for production efficiency, will choose to configure waste paper hydraulic baler conveyor equipment. Conveyors can save manpower, increase the working efficiency of waste paper hydraulic balers, save our human investment. However, the conveyor must be determined based on actual production and comprehensively considered in many aspects. The final decision is whether to configure the conveyor equipment.

We have a complete range of waste paper hydraulic balers and we have a variety of specifications and models of waste paper hydraulic balers. At the same time, we can change the structure of the equipment according to the special needs of the site. These different specifications and models are suitable for different scales of production.

The small waste paper hydraulic baler is suitable for a small amount of waste paper per day. This model is generally not configured with conveyor equipment, but if you want to save human resources or in the case of insufficient human resources, you can configure the conveyor equipment, under normal circumstances need to support the conveyor equipment to speed up the entire machine Packaging efficiency of the equipment.

Because the daily packing capacity of these models is very large, the manpower is less than the supply of the host package is in short supply. This will reduce the packing efficiency of the waste paper packer as a whole. Therefore, the conveyor needs to be configured under normal production conditions.

However, if the packaged site has sufficient human resources and it is hoped to save some equipment investment in the early stage, it is recommended not to use a conveyor. Rely on artificial feeding, but need to meet the timely supply of more information ,please visit : 

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  • The impact of environmental awareness on waste paper baler

    With the increasing use of waste paper baler machinery, the frequency of use has gradually increased. However, there are still some people who may not know the waste paper baler very well. Some people even think that the waste paper baler is a waste paper recycling machine. Some people even think that it is the evolution of the waste paper basket. In fact, this is not the case. The waste paper baler is actually an existence for more convenient recycling of waste paper. The waste paper baler can compress and integrate waste paper to facilitate recycling and transportation.

    People's awareness of environmental protection is getting stronger and stronger, and environmental problems are becoming more and more serious. Every one of us citizens should fulfill their environmental protection obligations and contribute to environmental protection. Therefore, under the background of environmental protection, the waste paper baler came into being and was well received. Our waste paper packaging technology is not particularly perfect, but we are also following in the footsteps of foreign advanced technology, and we are constantly innovating and improving. 


    The waste paper baler can pack some waste paper for recycling and reuse, which is mainly suitable for some large paper mills or large users of paper products. And the waste paper baler can also recycle old things such as plastic straws.

    The application of waste paper baler greatly reduces the loss of manpower and material resources, and is convenient and fast, simple to use, and large-area waste paper baling and recycling is of great significance to environmental protection and avoiding waste.

    NICKBALER waste paper baler can be designed and customized according to the actual site of the customer.

  • The influence of hydraulic system on waste paper baler

    The cleaning operation of the hydraulic system inside the waste paper baler is very important to the baler, because the waste paper baler needs a good hydraulic system when working. Therefore, in daily work, the cleaning of the baler should not be underestimated and must be taken seriously. Below, let's take a look at the precautions for cleaning the waste paper baler:

    When cleaning the waste paper baler, a low-viscosity special cleaning oil should be used. The clean oil is added to the fuel tank of the waste paper baler and heated to 50-80 degrees Celsius. Start the hydraulic pump and let it run dry. When cleaning the baler, you must often knock on the tube. This can remove the attachments. Clean for about 20 minutes. Check the contamination status of the oil filter, and clean the filter, and then clean it again. Repeat until there are not many contaminants on the filter. It’s okay when it’s time.

    The cleaning time of waste paper baler is generally 2 hours. For the more messy hydraulic system, each area can be cleaned according to the work area. The hydraulic cylinder can also be connected to allow the hydraulic cylinder to reciprocate to clean the system.


    After cleaning, the clean oil must be drained, and the inside of the oil tank must be cleaned. When the waste paper baler system is restored to the normal operating state, add the specified hydraulic oil.

    Nick Machinery's waste paper baler has the characteristics of easy installation and operation, safe and reliable use, strong adaptability to the workplace, and reasonable price.

  • Technological innovation is the top priority for the development of waste paper baler

    After years of development, waste paper baler has formed a considerable scale, although the scale of development of my country's baler industry has been very large. Nowadays, the development of all walks of life is inseparable from innovation. If the vertical waste paper baler can be developed in terms of technological innovation, at the same time in response to the call of the country, it will also bring more economy to the vertical waste paper baler equipment enterprises. interest.

    The new technology of vertical waste paper baler can increase the output of equipment. Although my country's waste paper baler industry has developed so fast in the past two years and the export volume has increased significantly, it is undeniable that there are still many shortcomings in the vertical waste paper baler

    If these problems are not improved in a short time, it will inevitably affect the development of the baler industry and the position of the vertical waste paper baler in the baler industry. The concentration of my country's baler industry is not enough, production capacity is scattered, and economies of scale cannot be formed. At present, the production capacity of the vertical waste paper baler has developed rapidly, but the technological progress of the industry is relatively slow, and the R&D and innovation capabilities are low. The service life and reliability of the vertical waste paper baler have gradually been unable to meet the needs of technological development. Therefore, technological innovation is urgently needed.

    The vertical waste paper baler is currently still stuck on capacity expansion, which makes China's baler industry lack a certain brand effect. Therefore, in terms of technological innovation of vertical waste paper baler, we must increase efforts to make contributions to my country's baler industry.


    The quality of the vertical waste paper baler is inseparable from the oil cylinder, and the function of the oil cylinder determines the stability of the baler. Similarly, the quality of hydraulic oil also affects the failure rate and service life of the cylinder. The cylinder needs to use No. 46 anti-wear hydraulic oil to ensure the efficient production of the baler.

    In the current baler industry, many small manufacturers are reluctant to develop and research new products, and will blindly imitate the products of large baler manufacturers. This is also an important factor leading to the slow development of the waste paper baler market.

    With the management philosophy of "Integrity creates the brand, and quality determines the future", Nick Machinery continues to improve the mechanism, strengthen brand awareness, and make products with excellent quality and better after-sales service.

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