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Abnormal phenomenon of waste paper baler
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Nick Machinery's automatic horizontal waste paper baler is guided by the national environmental protection policy, and the abnormal phenomena that may occur in the work of the automatic horizontal waste paper baler:

1. After the engine of the automatic horizontal waste paper baler is started, if the reading of the oil pressure gauge pointer gradually drops, or even drops to zero. It indicates that the main bearing bush and connecting rod bearing of the crankshaft are severely worn, which makes the matching clearance too large, or the pressure limiting valve and the oil return valve are severely worn, and the sealing is not tight, causing the oil to flow back to the oil pan. 

2. When the engine of the automatic horizontal waste paper baler is working, the pointer of the oil pressure gauge swings from side to side. The reason is mostly that the valve seat of the oil return valve is not correct, the spring is skewed, or the pressure of the oil return valve is low. When the oil pressure is slightly higher, the valve opens, the oil pressure drops sharply, and the valve closes again. In this way, the oil return valve is repeatedly opened and closed, causing the oil pressure of the waste paper baler to rise and fall, causing the pointer of the oil pressure gauge to swing left and right.  

3. The oil pressure of the automatic horizontal waste paper baler is normal when the engine is low speed, and the oil pressure is low when the speed is high. The reason is that the return valve spring is stuck. The valve is closed when the speed is low, and the oil pressure value of the waste paper baler is normal; when the speed is high, the oil pressure of the waste paper baler suddenly opens, and the oil pressure drops accordingly, and the spring cannot reduce the valve in time. The opening degree makes the oil pressure of the waste paper baler low.  

4. The oil leakage ratio of the automatic horizontal waste paper baler is severe. If the oil pump pressure is adjusted too high, the wear of the movable parts will cause the sealing gap to increase continuously, the sealing device will be damaged, the viscosity of the oil used in the waste paper baler is too low, etc., will increase the oil leakage.


5. The system does not have an unloading circuit or the unloading circuit does not perform well. When the waste paper baler system does not need to pressurize the oil, the oil is still overflowing to the fuel tank under the working pressure set by the overflow valve or at the unloading pressure Return to the fuel tank downstream in a higher environment. It is necessary to check whether the unloading circuit is normal or not, and adopt the corresponding steps to eliminate it.  

6. Poor heat dissipation, insufficient heat dissipation area of ??the fuel tank, too little oil storage in the fuel tank, resulting in too fast oil circulation, poor cooling of the waste paper Baler cooler, such as failure of cooling water supply or failure of electric fans, high ambient temperature, etc. All are the reasons for poor heat dissipation.  

7. Misuse of oil with too high viscosity, the waste paper baler will cause excessive hydraulic loss.  

The abnormal phenomenon of the automatic horizontal waste paper baler is that when the machine is just started, as the machine oil temperature rises, the oil viscosity will gradually decrease, and the oil pressure gauge pointer will gradually fall and stabilize within the specified range. This phenomenon also shows that the lubrication system of the automatic horizontal waste paper baler is normal.

Nick Machinery has rich production experience and integrated service. Using the baler produced by Nick Machinery can improve work efficiency and reduce human and financial expenditure.

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    The automatic waste paper baler needs to be turned on and checked before it is used. It can be put into use after the startup and check everything is normal. The check contents are as follows:

    1. The location, temperature and cleanliness of hydraulic oil. Hydraulic oil is generally not a problem, so it only needs to be checked regularly.

    2. It is summer now, and the rain is relatively abundant. If the baler is placed outdoors, be sure to do a good job of coping with it before and after the rain. Such as: whether the circuit is smooth, whether there is water in the box

    3. Check whether the conveying of the conveyor is normal

    4. Look around the machine, comprehensively check whether the equipment is normal, and ensure that the work is correct before feeding.

    If the operator develops the good habit of daily inspection, it can not only maintain the normal production of the equipment, but also bring greater value to the production.

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    NICKBALER Machinery warmly reminds you: When using the baler, you should strictly follow the operating instructions. For more information on maintenance, please follow us

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    First check the hydraulic baler oil cylinder and eliminate it step by step as follows:

    1.First find a pressure gauge to check the pressure in the valve? And know the stroke and working pressure of the hydraulic cylinder.

    2.Check each fitting on the hydraulic valve block for oil seepage or leakage. And know if the manual generation or the control generation is working properly.

    3.Whether the load when the hydraulic cylinder is loaded is abnormal.

    4.To remove the above is to see if the working pressure of the overflow raft is low, and then adjust it.

    5.If none of the above is to consider whether the cylinder is stuck or there is an obstruction in the valve block.

    NICKBALER machinery provides: horizontal hydraulic baler, vertical hydraulic baler, waste paper baler and other baling machine equipment, company website:, telephone: 86-29-86031588, looking forward to long-term cooperation with you!

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    If you have a spacious site and sufficient funds, and have better development and planning in the future,NICKBALER suggests that you can choose a fully automatic baler; what is the difference between a semi-automatic baler and a fully automatic baler?

    1. The architecture is different

    2. Different packing methods

    3. The output is different

    NKW 250Q 01.jpg

    Waste paper baler is our main product for many years, we have very valuable experience, if you want to know more, please follow us

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