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The impact of the accelerated development of the waste recycling industry on the hydraulic industry
Author : admin Time : 21-05-06 AllPageView : 316

At present, waste paper recycling in my country is still in the stage of private spontaneous and small-scale operation. Most of my country's waste collection stations are small in scale and belong to workshop-style production. The monthly output of waste paper is extremely unstable and cannot produce an effective and continuous supply. Therefore, most of its waste paper flows to some small paper mills around it.

The domestic automatic hydraulic waste paper baler has been continuously developed since the reform and opening up, but the domestic baler equipment is not very suitable for market demand, and many key equipment still needs to be imported. There are now about a thousand manufacturers of waste paper balers in my country, and the types of domestic products now basically cover all sectors of the machinery industry. It can be seen that the development prospect of my country's hydraulic automatic waste paper baler is very attractive, but there are also certain problems. Therefore, in order to ensure the sound development of domestic hydraulic balers, there are still many problems to be solved.

First, enterprises adopt new technologies, promote new equipment, and actively eliminate backward technological levels. Only by actively improving the technical level and production level of the equipment and adopting new technology and new equipment can the enterprise improve the application field of the fully automatic hydraulic waste paper baler and ensure product quality and safety.

Second, enterprises should establish a national machinery industry information network to improve the quality and technical exchanges of fully automatic hydraulic waste paper balers, actively innovate and develop new products, appropriately introduce foreign equipment, and jointly make the domestic production of fully automatic balers. Hard work.


Third, enterprises should pay attention to the training of professional and technical personnel for automatic Baler machines. Provide special training for new employees of the enterprise to cultivate their technical level and professional quality; strengthen investment in the development of automatic hydraulic waste paper baler technology, real-time survival of the fittest in equipment, and establish a modern management system for fully automatic hydraulic waste paper baler .

Fourth, the production of fully automatic hydraulic waste paper balers with reliable equipment and long service life is the unanimous goal of the common development of my country’s machinery industry. The majority of domestic enterprises must continue to actively develop new products and strive to ensure continuous innovation and technological innovation of the products. Perfect, strive to achieve a leading position, and make greater contributions to my country's machinery industry.

Nick Machinery's hydraulic waste paper baler equipment not only improves the automation of the recycling industry, but also improves work efficiency and reduces human and financial expenditures.

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