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The impact of environmental awareness on waste paper baler
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With the increasing use of waste paper baler machinery, the frequency of use has gradually increased. However, there are still some people who may not know the waste paper baler very well. Some people even think that the waste paper baler is a waste paper recycling machine. Some people even think that it is the evolution of the waste paper basket. In fact, this is not the case. The waste paper baler is actually an existence for more convenient recycling of waste paper. The waste paper baler can compress and integrate waste paper to facilitate recycling and transportation.

People's awareness of environmental protection is getting stronger and stronger, and environmental problems are becoming more and more serious. Every one of us citizens should fulfill their environmental protection obligations and contribute to environmental protection. Therefore, under the background of environmental protection, the waste paper baler came into being and was well received. Our waste paper packaging technology is not particularly perfect, but we are also following in the footsteps of foreign advanced technology, and we are constantly innovating and improving. 


The waste paper baler can pack some waste paper for recycling and reuse, which is mainly suitable for some large paper mills or large users of paper products. And the waste paper baler can also recycle old things such as plastic straws.

The application of waste paper baler greatly reduces the loss of manpower and material resources, and is convenient and fast, simple to use, and large-area waste paper baling and recycling is of great significance to environmental protection and avoiding waste.

NICKBALER waste paper baler can be designed and customized according to the actual site of the customer.

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  • The function of the pressure control valve of the plastic baler

    The  ipressure control valves divided into overflow valve, pressure reducing valve and sequence valve according to its purpose. The overflow valve can control the hydraulic system of the plastic baler to maintain a constant state when the set pressure is reached. The relief valve used for overload protection is called a safety valve. When the system fails and the pressure rises to a limit value that may cause damage, the valve port will open and overflow to ensure the safety of the plastic baler system. The pressure reducing valve can control the branch circuit to obtain a stable pressure lower than the oil pressure of the main circuit. According to the different pressure functions it controls, the pressure reducing valve can be divided into fixed pressure reducing valve (output pressure is a constant value), fixed differential pressure reducing valve (the difference between input and output pressure is a fixed value) and fixed ratio pressure reducing valve (Maintain a certain ratio between input and output pressure). Sequence valve can make one actuator (such as hydraulic cylinder, hydraulic motor, etc.) act, and then make other actuators act in sequence.

    The basic requirements for the hydraulic control valve of the plastic baler are as follows:

    1. When the oil of the plastic baler passes through the hydraulic valve, the pressure loss is small.

    2. Sensitive action, reliable use, small shock and vibration during work, and long service life.

    3. Good sealing performance, less internal leakage and no external leakage.

    4. The structure is simple, compact and small in size.

    5. Easy installation, adjustment and maintenance, and good versatility.

    net 2-2.jpg

    NICKBALER plastic baler has the characteristics of simple use, safety and reliability, sufficient Baling Press power and accurate accuracy.

  • The relationship between wood chip briquetting machine and the environment

    There are many forests in China. After being felled, the trees in the forest are often made into furniture, floor panels, door and window frames, wooden stairs, etc. After the processing is completed, the wood is still intact and can be used for heating. What about the wood chips and wood flour?

    Sawdust and wood powder are not only wasteful but also affect the environment. If wood chips and wood powder can be reused, you can choose NICKBALER Sawdust Briquetting Machine to compress into blocks, which can make the wood chips storage longer for subsequent use. .

    The sawdust compressed and packaged by the briquetting machine can be transported directly without bagging, which saves the time of cleaning the sawdust with a shovel and broom, and the packaged sawdust can be automatically scattered after being beaten. After the wood chips are fermented and rotted, the nutrition is comprehensive, the texture is loose, and the humidity is moderate. It is a simple soilless cultivation material that can be used for planting flowers; the wood chips can also be made into compressed boards, plywood, plywood, large core boards and other materials. People use wood sawdust and corner waste to make it, which greatly increases the utilization rate of wood and reduces waste.

    net 1-2.jpg

    NICKBALER sawdust briquetting machine adopts PLC control system, horizontal and continuous out of the package, it has the characteristics of fast speed, simple use and high work efficiency.

  • The baler industry represents the level of industrialization development

    With the continuous development of the packaging industry in recent years, the packaging machine has always been characterized by rapid development in the industry. From a large perspective, the appearance of the packaging machine has also promoted the development of my country's economy to a certain extent. The acceleration of my country's industrialization process reflects the importance of the baler for economic development, and also represents the development level of my country's industrialization.  

    This is the result of the changes of the times. Under the spur of the times, the baler has a strong sense of mission, the continuous expansion of market demand, the continuous improvement of people's quality of life, and safety has always been the fundamental constraint on the development of enterprises. In the past, the most important thing for enterprises was the product. Whether it can sell well in the market, but with the continuous development of commodity economy, product quality and safety occupies a leading position in the development of enterprises. Aiming at this mainstream, we always adhere to the production philosophy of quality first and safety first, and with the continuous development and growth of the baler industry, adhere to the development philosophy that we strive for, and continue to form a virtuous circle. Such a baler deserves praise from the industry.

    The concept is important, but it is an arduous process for the development of the baler to be properly applied in practice. The continuous innovation of technology, the research and development and development of the baler must keep up with the advantages brought by technology, advanced Technical standards are the foundation for the baler to stand firm in the industry. In the face of fierce competition in the industry, as well as the disadvantages of my country's technological development, technology has always been the weak underbelly of the development of my country's industry, but nevertheless, the baler must be consistent. Excellent technological development, only in this way can we have the strength to deal with fierce market competition.  

    net 1.jpg

    Innovation is the product of the development of this era. Independent innovation is the most basic thing given by the times. Technology may be copied and copied, but independent innovation cannot be imitated. Only independent innovation is the important source for the baler to continue to lead. The development of things has not been smooth sailing. For the baler, only by facing difficulties can you become stronger. Only difficult tests can exercise the resilience of the baler. Only with the ability to adapt to changes can the baler industry be able to do well. development of.

    Various types of balers of NICKBALER have the advantages of time-saving, convenient operation, labor-saving, strong carrying capacity, cost-saving, stable and reliable.

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