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How can we ensure the efficient production of straw balers?
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In recent years, with the increasing awareness of recycling and reuse, straw balers have gradually become known and accepted by people. In order to ensure that corn stalks, wheat stalks, straws, etc. can be better recycled and reused, more and more companies Straw balers have been used for operation.

So, how can we better ensure the safe and efficient production of straw balers during use?

1. Before starting the straw baler, check whether the oil in the fuel tank is too low. If you find that the oil in the fuel tank is too low, you need to make up for it in time to avoid insufficient fuel supply to the machine.

2. When starting, also pay attention to whether the rotation direction of the oil pump of the straw baler is correct. If it is not correct, it needs to be adjusted in time.


3. When the straw baler is running, it must be ensured that the temperature of the straw baler is stable. When the temperature exceeds 60 degrees, it must be shut down to check. Find the reason for the high temperature, and if you find any damage to the machine parts, you should also replace them in time.

NICKBALER straw baler adopts PLC control system, which has the characteristics of simple operation, precise control, safety and reliability.

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  • How to choose the model of plastic bottle Baler machine

    Through the different models of waste paper hydraulic baler, we can often learn different information from them, so that we have an understanding of the baler, then how to choose the model of the plastic bottle baler?

    As an indispensable part of packaging equipment, plastic bottle balers have many types and different models. The information of these models can reflect the main categories and main technical parameters of their own plastic bottle balers. The waste paper baler is used to squeeze waste paper and similar products under normal conditions, and package them with special packaging tape to greatly reduce the volume, thereby reducing transportation volume, saving freight, and increasing benefits for enterprises.

    Generally speaking, the ordinary type of plastic bottle Baler machine is mainly composed of two parts: the main model and the auxiliary model. Through these two signals, the information of most products can generally be reflected, for example, the series of plastic bottle Baler machines, plastic bottles There is a lot of information about the varieties of Baler machines and the specifications of plastic bottle Baler machines.

    1. Through the main model, you can understand the main classification of the plastic bottle Baler, its structural characteristics, and the manufacturer's project code. For plastic bottle balers that do not have any classification, the classification and ranking of the equipment can be determined by its own nature. Its structure code and other project codes can be determined by our manufacturers according to the specifications of the product, all of which are very much At that time, the same Baler equipment had different names for different manufacturers.

    2. The auxiliary model is mainly to remind us of the main parameters of the equipment, the order of derivation and the information of the design order, etc. Under normal circumstances, the main parameters are represented by numbers, and generally take their and limit values; if more than two parameters need to be marked at the same time, they need to be separated by slashes. The main parameters commonly used in Baler scale products mainly include filling volume, size, and production capacity, etc. The derivation order is generally distinguished by Roman characters, while the design order will be displayed in English letters. Generally, the first product does not have a sequence code.


  • India horizontal automatic hydraulic baler function

    Due to its superior functions, the horizontal automatic hydraulic baler is widely used in scrap metal, waste paper recycling plants, plastic processing, agricultural and animal husbandry and other industries. It is mainly suitable for waste paper, plastic, iron filings, garbage, cotton gauze, etc. Compression and packaging of loose materials such as, hemp, wool, paper, scrap aluminum, scrap copper, scrap iron, and stainless steel scraps is not only the choice of packaging equipment, but also the reuse of waste has played a huge role in environmental protection and resource recycling.

    Matters needing attention for horizontal automatic hydraulic baler:

    1. The user should formulate detailed maintenance and safe operation procedures according to the specific situation.

    2. Those who do not understand the structure, performance and operating procedures of the machine are not allowed to start the baler without learning.

    3. During the operation of the hydraulic baler, it is not allowed to repair or touch the moving parts, and it is strictly forbidden to press the materials in the material box with hands or feet.

    4. When the Baler machine has serious oil leakage or abnormal phenomena during work, it should stop running immediately to analyze the cause and eliminate the fault, and it should not be forced to run with illness.

    5. When adjusting the pump, valve, and pressure gauge, it must be carried out by experienced skilled workers. If the pressure gauge is found to be faulty, the gauge should be checked or updated immediately.


  • The excellent genes of horizontal hydraulic baler and the installation sequence

    The automatic horizontal hydraulic baler has the characteristics of good stability, beautiful appearance, convenient operation and maintenance, safety and energy saving, and low investment cost of equipment basic engineering. It is used in various waste paper factories, old recycling companies and other units and enterprises. It is suitable for waste paper, books, cartons, yellow paper skins, plastic bottles, waste cotton, waste cloth, cotton, cola bottles, ton bags, straws, and straws. , Plastic paper, greenhouse film, paper tube, wood veneer, domestic waste, industrial waste, cotton bales, rice husk, tires and other compressible materials. The bale is strong and compact, which is convenient for packaging and transportation and reduces the volume. It saves 80% of the stacking space, reduces the freight cost, and is conducive to environmental protection and waste recycling. It is a machine for various waste paper mills and waste recycling industries. The packaging and recycling of old waste paper, plastic straw, etc. is a good equipment to improve labor efficiency, reduce labor intensity, save manpower, and reduce transportation costs.

    Advantages of mechanical horizontal hydraulic baler:

    1. The closed structure makes the packaging tighter;

    2. High-strength out of the package door, automatic opening and closing, hydraulic lock the door, making the operation more convenient;

    3. Reasonable double scissor blade design improves paper cutting efficiency and prolongs the service life of the blade;

    4. Anti-slip drop design to avoid the appearance of trapezoidal bag, making the bag more beautiful;

    5. The main oil cylinder adopts the design of the turret bracket and the spherical end surface, which can eliminate the torque acting on the main shaft and extend the life of the oil seal;

    6. The press car is processed by a gantry milling machine to ensure accuracy during movement;

    7. This machine adopts the original brand hydraulic system to make the machine safer;

    8. No site infrastructure is required, making installation simple and easy.

    9.independent hydraulic system, servo system control.


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