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Market advantage of NICKBALER straw baler
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With the development of the industrial age, straw balers are also used by more and more renewable resource recycling centers and crop straw recycling manufacturers.

The use of straw balers to recover compressed crop stalks can not only reduce the environmental pollution of crop stalks, but also reduce the use of land resources.

There are more and more mechanical manufacturers producing straw balers. When choosing a straw balers, you must pay attention to choosing a hydraulic baler manufacturer with strong strength, excellent machinery and good service.

NICKBALER straw baler manufacturer is strong and has absolute right to speak in the domestic and foreign baler market. Its products have been ahead of other manufacturers for many years, and it is an excellent choice for your baler manufacturer;

The NICKBALER machine is of excellent quality. The straw baler produced by our company has good rigidity, toughness and stability, simple operation, convenient maintenance, imported imported sealing elements, long service life of the cylinder, and a wide range of applications.

NICKBALER has good after-sales service. The new machine manufacturer is responsible for site design, installation, and free technical training. In addition, the warranty is one year, and the motor reducer and other parts are guaranteed for three years, eliminating your worries.


The emergence of straw balers can meet the demand for energy conservation and can provide more efficient resource services for the operation of agricultural and sideline products processing industries.

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  • India automatic Baler machine start-up inspection

    The automatic waste paper baler needs to be turned on and tested before it is used. It can be used after turning on and checking that everything is normal. The inspection work before turning on the automatic waste paper baler is as follows:

    1. The location, temperature and cleanliness of hydraulic oil. Generally speaking, there is no problem with hydraulic oil, so there is no need to check every time before starting the equipment. Regular check is enough.

    2. Check the PLC controller of the fully automatic waste paper baler, whether the circuit is unobstructed, and whether there is water in the box. This is mainly to prevent weather work after rain, and check whether the conveying of the conveyor is normal.

    3. Comprehensively check whether the whole equipment is normal and ensure that the work is correct before feeding.

    The inspection work in these aspects is to make the equipment function normally. Regular maintenance will simplify the above inspection work. At the same time, the normal production of the equipment can bring greater value to the production.

    3-2废纸 (2).jpg

    After the waste paper, waste cardboard and other materials are compressed and bundled by the NICKBALER automatic waste paper baler, it is easy to store and stack and reduce transportation costs.

  • Features of Malaysia hemp rod balers

    The hemp baler can compress the wheat stalks, corn stalks, corn cobs, peanut husks, rice husks and other crop products left behind after crop recovery into bundles.

    Features of hydraulic hemp rod baler:

    1. The hemp rod Baler machine is easy to install, has no site conditions, and is convenient to use.

    2. Hydraulic drive, low noise, high pressure, stable operation without vibration, saving production time and greatly improving work efficiency.

    3. The hemp rod baler adopts high-performance hydraulic circuit, which saves electricity by 33% compared with similar products. Imported hydraulic parts make the whole machine superior in performance.

    4. Microcomputer PLC control is optional, the Baler length can be set by yourself, the failure rate is low, and it is convenient for Baler.

    5. The conveyor belt is controlled by computer, with large conveying capacity, abrasion resistance, strong load capacity and anti-skid function.

    6. According to customer requirements, hemp rod balers with special specifications and sizes can be customized.


    NICKBALER hemp rod baler is a good equipment to reduce labor efficiency, labor intensity, save manpower, transportation costs, and increase farmers' income.

  • The function of the Indian manuscript paper Baler fuel tank

    The oil tank in the hydraulic system is an indispensable part of the waste paper baler commonly used in the current market. It is a container for storing hydraulic oil. During the operation of the entire hydraulic system, the hydraulic oil is output from the hydraulic tank through the oil pump and passes through when returning oil. The oil return pipeline returns to the oil tank to complete a pressurization and pressure relief process.

    There are many accessories installed in the fuel tank, such as coolers, heaters, air filters, and liquid level gauges. On the one hand, it can meet the requirements of heat dissipation. On the other hand, when the hydraulic system stops working, it should be able to contain all the media in the system and maintain a proper liquid level when working.

    As the name suggests, the oil tank is a container for storing hydraulic oil. During the operation of the entire hydraulic system, the hydraulic oil is output from the hydraulic oil tank through the oil pump, and when returning oil, it returns to the oil tank through the oil return line to complete a pressurization and pressure relief.

    The main functions of the fuel tank of the waste paper baler are embodied in three aspects:

    1. Sufficient oil required by the storage system.

    2. Dissipate part of the heat generated during system operation.

    3. Separate the gas and sediment in the oil.

    微信图片_20210624081618 拷贝.jpg

    The NICKBALER manuscript paper Baler has the characteristics of high work efficiency, low energy consumption, strong workplace adaptability, and reasonable price. Free consultation hotline 86-29-86031588

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