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Introduce several major methods of scrap metal processing
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The mechanical processing method is to use special scrap steel processing machinery to process the scrap steel, to achieve the purpose of improving the quality of the scrap steel, which is conducive to the tempering of the furnace and the convenience of transportation.

There are many types of scrap steel processing machinery, and users can choose appropriate scrap steel processing equipment according to the processing requirements of scrap steel and the scale of production and economic capacity of the enterprise.

At that time, scrap steel processing equipment was divided into processing and auxiliary feeding equipment. Processing methods include Baler, briquetting, cutting, crushing, etc.

1. Mechanical packaging method

The mechanical baling method is to use a metal baler at room temperature to limit the frivolous steel scrap into bales with a certain shape and density. This kind of bale can be exercised in the furnace, and it is also easy to transport, which saves transportation capacity and reduces environmental pollution during transportation. The equipment used is a metal baler.

2. Mechanical briquetting method

Many metal cutting processes in the production process of the machinery industry produce a lot of steel chips, cast iron chips, copper chips, aluminum chips and other chips. If these chips are discarded, it will not only waste resources, but also severely pollute the environment. Taking it back and returning it to the oven after processing is a useful way to deal with it.

The processing equipment for metal chips is a metal chip briquetting machine, whose processing method is to directly limit cast iron chips, copper chips, and aluminum chips into a cylinder with a higher density at room temperature. If it is a long strip of steel shavings, the steel shavings should be broken before the restriction, and then restricted.

The scrap steel briquettes processed by the briquetting machine generally have a density of more than 4500kg/m3, which greatly reduces the volume of the scraps, improves the transportation capacity and can be returned to the furnace for exercise, and can also reduce the environmental pollution during transportation. The equipment used is: Metal briquetting machine.

3. Mechanical shearing method

The so-called shearing is to use a scrap shearing machine to cut the long strip of steel scrap to a suitable length for training. Nowadays, the scrap steel shearing machine has three types of structure: crocodile type, double-edged crocodile type and portal type. The equipment used is: metal shearing Machine, box-type shearing machine, heavy-duty shearing machine, etc.

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Nick Machinery's automatic hydraulic baler is an unmanned operation of fully automatic compression and Baler, suitable for places with a lot of materials, reducing labor expenditures and improving work efficiency.

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  • Selection of hydraulic oil for Austrian crocodile shears

    Some customers have responded that the crocodile shearing machine has no strength when cutting metal plates, and sometimes the blade cannot be lowered when idling. The reason for this type of situation is mostly because the hydraulic oil has been used for a long time and has not been replaced in time. Let's talk about the selection method of hydraulic oil for crocodile shearing machine:

    1. The hydraulic oil must not contain steam, air and other impurities that are easy to vaporize and produce gas, otherwise it will form bubbles, cause the working mechanism to vibrate, and affect the stability of the work.

    2. Does not corrode mechanical parts and damage sealing devices, that is, does not contain water-soluble acids and alkalis.

    3. Under working temperature and pressure, it has excellent lubricity, shear stability and certain oil film strength.

    4. The chemical stability is good. It should not be oxidized to form gum during storage and working. It can be used for a long time without deterioration. When the temperature, pressure and flow rate in the system change, it still maintains its original properties. Deterioration, no colloidal precipitation such as asphalt and tar will be precipitated.

    铜板剪切机+电解铜剪切机+金属剪切机 拷贝.jpg

    NICKBALER crocodile shearing machine adopts hydraulic drive, which has the characteristics of convenient operation, stable and reliable, low failure rate, convenient and simple maintenance.

  • Austrian metal shearing machine operation

    The cutting edge of the metal shearing machine blade should be kept sharp, and the cutting edge should be blunt or damaged. It should be sharpened or replaced in time. When multiple people are operating, there should be a special person to command, and the cooperation should be coordinated.

    It is forbidden to cut two materials of different specifications at the same time on the gantry shearing machine, and no overlapping cutting is allowed. It is forbidden to use the handle to facilitate the operation under the pressure plate when cutting the material. When cutting the material, it should be pressed by another iron plate. At least 200 mm.

    When the metal shearing machine has serious oil leakage or abnormal phenomena during work, it should be shut down immediately, the cause should be analyzed and the fault should be eliminated, and it should not be forced to run with illness.

    When adjusting the pump, valve, and pressure gauge of the metal shearing machine, it must be carried out by experienced skilled workers. If the pressure gauge is found to be faulty, it should be checked or updated immediately.

    The steel plate cut by the metal shearing machine should be transported away in time, and stacked neatly according to the specifications, and the leftover materials should be placed in the specified place.

    shear machine 2 拷贝.jpg

    The NICKBALER metal shearing machine has reliable performance, convenient operation and simple maintenance. Diesel engines can be used as power where there is no power supply.

  • Swedish Gantry Shearing Machine Operating Regulations

    The operation and maintenance personnel of the gantry shearing machine must be trained after taking the job. The operator must have electrical, mechanical and hydraulic knowledge, and should be proficient in the composition, location, function, characteristics, and easy problems of the various parts of the shearing machine. , Without learning, those who do not understand the structure, performance and operating procedures of the shearing machine are not allowed to operate.

    Safety precautions for gantry shears:

    1. When the shearing machine is running, irrelevant personnel are not allowed to enter the shearing machine work site (including the scrap storage area to be cut). When someone is in a dangerous position on the site, the shearing machine should be stopped completely or partially.

    2. After blade replacement or other operations are completed, the safety pin of the scissors slider and the pressure block of the press must be completely pulled out, otherwise, the safety pin will be cut off when starting, and the equipment will be damaged.

    3. After the work is over, the lower parts such as the gland, pressing block, and scissors slider should be lowered to a low position, and the pushing slider should be returned to the position to ensure safety.

    4. When the machine has a serious oil leakage or an abnormal phenomenon occurs during work, it should stop immediately, analyze the cause and eliminate the fault, and do not work with illness.

    5. When adding materials, do not add too much to the waste materials with high density and hardness, otherwise the shearing blade will be worn too much, and the shearing blade will even be scrapped, thereby affecting the use of the machine, or even destroying the machine.


    NICKBALER gantry shears are widely used in metallurgical plants and scrap steel processing and recycling units. It is an effective equipment for metallurgical charge processing and profile cutting.

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