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Introduce several major methods of scrap metal processing
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The mechanical processing method is to use special scrap steel processing machinery to process the scrap steel, to achieve the purpose of improving the quality of the scrap steel, which is conducive to the tempering of the furnace and the convenience of transportation.

There are many types of scrap steel processing machinery, and users can choose appropriate scrap steel processing equipment according to the processing requirements of scrap steel and the scale of production and economic capacity of the enterprise.

At that time, scrap steel processing equipment was divided into processing and auxiliary feeding equipment. Processing methods include Baler, briquetting, cutting, crushing, etc.

1. Mechanical packaging method

The mechanical baling method is to use a metal baler at room temperature to limit the frivolous steel scrap into bales with a certain shape and density. This kind of bale can be exercised in the furnace, and it is also easy to transport, which saves transportation capacity and reduces environmental pollution during transportation. The equipment used is a metal baler.

2. Mechanical briquetting method

Many metal cutting processes in the production process of the machinery industry produce a lot of steel chips, cast iron chips, copper chips, aluminum chips and other chips. If these chips are discarded, it will not only waste resources, but also severely pollute the environment. Taking it back and returning it to the oven after processing is a useful way to deal with it.

The processing equipment for metal chips is a metal chip briquetting machine, whose processing method is to directly limit cast iron chips, copper chips, and aluminum chips into a cylinder with a higher density at room temperature. If it is a long strip of steel shavings, the steel shavings should be broken before the restriction, and then restricted.

The scrap steel briquettes processed by the briquetting machine generally have a density of more than 4500kg/m3, which greatly reduces the volume of the scraps, improves the transportation capacity and can be returned to the furnace for exercise, and can also reduce the environmental pollution during transportation. The equipment used is: Metal briquetting machine.

3. Mechanical shearing method

The so-called shearing is to use a scrap shearing machine to cut the long strip of steel scrap to a suitable length for training. Nowadays, the scrap steel shearing machine has three types of structure: crocodile type, double-edged crocodile type and portal type. The equipment used is: metal shearing Machine, box-type shearing machine, heavy-duty shearing machine, etc.

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