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Is the pressure of the general waste paper baler the greater the better?
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The production principle of the waste paper baler is to realize the compression and bundling of materials with the help of the operation of the hydraulic oil cylinder. Then the pressure of the waste paper baler is the better, the following will be explored together with Nick Machinery.

Depending on the model of the waste paper baler, the size of the hydraulic cylinder is different. This is selected according to the equipment process design, production capacity and finished product requirements, which means that the pressure of the cylinder matches the overall performance of the equipment. It’s not simply that the greater the pressure, the better.

Second: Generally speaking, the higher the pressure of the waste paper baler, the better the degree of compression of the finished product. When selecting equipment, users should choose according to their own processing requirements, such as the daily production volume and the requirements of the finished product, etc. Suitable products.

Whether it is a vertical or horizontal waste paper baler, it uses oil cylinder operation to realize the compression treatment of raw materials, so how much pressure is better?

With the continuous development of production technology, the models of waste paper balers are more complete, and different models of products are equipped with different cylinders. Generally speaking, the larger the equipment model, the greater the cylinder pressure.

Secondly: The pressure of the waste paper baler is not set randomly, but is determined comprehensively according to the equipment process, the size of the finished product, and the processing requirements. At present, our factory has many series of products for users and friends to choose from, I believe you can quickly buy them Suitable for your own equipment.

Different types of waste paper balers have different bin sizes, etc. Some of the design details will be explained below.

The size of the material box is determined comprehensively according to the power unit used by the waste paper baler and the pressure of the hydraulic system. If the material box is too large and the pressure is small, the quality of the finished product after pressing is not good. On the contrary, if the pressure is too large, the quality of the finished product will be poor. Deformation and other conditions may occur.

Several doors of the bin under the waste paper baler can be opened, which is convenient for placing the rope and the finished product out of the package, and is also equipped with a fixing device, which can enhance the production safety of the equipment.

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Nick Machinery Waste Paper Baler, as the name suggests, is a machine that packs waste paper together. This kind of machine can re-mix the messy paper and then integrate it together to form a consolidated and perfect whole to reduce the volume.

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