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Scrap iron baler
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The scrap iron baler avoids the penetration of solid residues into the hydraulic transmission system. There are many high-precision couples in the hydraulic transmission system. If the solid residues invade the small circular holes of vibration damping or the gaps between the parts, it will lead to bruises and blockage of the high-precision couplers. Endanger the safe operation of the hydraulic transmission system. The general solid residues invade the hydraulic transmission system of the cotton baler because the gear oil is not clean; the special tools for refueling are not clean; care is not taken for refueling, inspection, maintenance and maintenance; the hydraulic parts are scrapped. It can avoid the intrusion of solid residue into the system from the following three levels:


1. When refueling. The gear oil must be filled with care, and special tools for refueling should be kept clean. It is not possible to remove the filter device at the refueling slot of the car's fuel tank in order to increase the refueling rate. Refueling staff should use clean rubber gloves and work clothes to prevent solid residues and plant fiber residues from falling into the oil.

2. When cleaning up. The cleaning oil must use the same gear oil as the common model of the system. The water temperature is in the middle of 45-80 degrees Celsius. Use the large total flow to remove the residue in the system as much as possible. The hydraulic transmission system should be cleaned continuously for about three times. After each cleaning, release all the systems while the oil is hot. After the cleaning is completed, clean the filter element, replace the new filter element and fill with new oil.

3. When maintaining the cotton baler. When disassembling the hydraulic oil filter refueling cap, filter cap, inspection hole, high-pressure fuel pipe, etc., pay attention to the system oil channel to avoid dust at the construction site when exposed. The disassembly and assembly position must be completely cleaned before it can be opened. For example, when disassembling the oil filler cap of the hydraulic oil filter element, first remove the soil around the oil cap, and unscrew the oil cap to remove the dirt remaining in the joint parts (it is not possible to clean it with tap water to prevent water from penetrating into the car's fuel tank). The oil cap can be opened.

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  • The solution to the pressure-free hydraulic system of the waste paper baler

    Common failure phenomenon: the entire hydraulic system of the waste paper baler has no pressure or insufficient pressure.

    Common causes of failure: the overflow valve fails, and the oil pump is not working properly.

    Solution: Check the type of overflow valve used in the waste paper baler equipment. If it is a pilot-operated overflow valve, there are many causes.

    1. The overflow valve is stuck or the solenoid fails. If the overflow valve is stuck, clean the overflow valve and reinstall it. If it is electromagnetic failure, you need to check whether the circuit is open, and check whether the coil of the overflow valve is burned. If there is a problem with the circuit, repair the circuit; if the coil burns out, the coil needs to be replaced.

    2. If it is the internal wear of the overflow valve, the overflow valve needs to be replaced at this time.

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    Waste paper baler is an environmental protection equipment that uses hydraulic principles to compress waste paper and waste cardboard into blocks, which is beneficial to waste paper storage, transportation and utilization.

  • The oil pump of the horizontal waste paper baler is overheated.

    The oil pump of the horizontal waste paper baler generally has a plunger pump and a vane pump. The reasons for the loud noise of the oil pump system may include: loosening of the fastening screws of the oil pump; wear of the power bearing or stator of the oil pump; serious damage to the oil pump; inside the oil tank Air bubbles, poor oil intake of the hydraulic pump and other reasons will cause this problem. At this time, we should analyze the specific situation and solve the problem of excessive noise in the hydraulic waste paper baler oil pump!

    The possible causes of the failure of the oil pump overheating problem are that the oil pipe is blocked, causing the pressure of the hydraulic oil to increase; the power of the oil pump is too large and overloaded; the hydraulic oil is used unreasonably and the viscosity is too high.

    The quality of the hydraulic oil of the hydraulic waste paper Baler has a great influence on the hydraulic pump. The replacement cycle of the plunger pump is generally one year. If the plunger pump is noisy, it is recommended to consider replacing the plunger pump plunger.

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    The waste paper baler is used to extrude waste paper and similar products under normal conditions to greatly reduce the volume, so as to reduce the transportation volume, save the freight, and increase the benefits for the enterprise.

  • The first refueling method of horizontal waste paper baler

    The method of refueling the newly purchased waste paper baler equipment before starting, and the oil leakage problem of the newly purchased horizontal waste paper baler equipment has been plagued by the majority of user groups, so how to solve the problem of the waste paper baler oil Well, let's take a look at the waste paper baler equipment with Nick Machinery. What should I pay attention to when using the refueling method?

    1. The oil leakage of the waste paper baler is relatively severe. If the oil pump pressure is adjusted too high, the wear of the movable parts will increase the sealing gap, the sealing device will be damaged, the viscosity of the oil used in the waste paper baler will be too low, etc., which will increase the leakage. After clarifying the reason, adopt the corresponding steps to eliminate it.

    2. Poor heat dissipation, insufficient heat dissipation area of ??the fuel tank, too little oil storage in the fuel tank, resulting in too fast oil circulation, poor cooling of the waste paper Baler cooler, such as failure of cooling water supply or failure of electric fans, high ambient temperature, etc. All are the reasons for poor heat dissipation.

    3. The system does not have an unloading circuit or the unloading circuit does not perform well. When the waste paper baler system does not need to pressurize the oil, the oil is still overflowing to the fuel tank under the working pressure set by the overflow valve or at the unloading pressure Return to the fuel tank downstream in a higher environment. 

    4. Misuse of oil with too high viscosity, the waste paper baler will cause excessive hydraulic loss.

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    The horizontal waste paper baler can be customized in different models according to the different needs of customers.

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