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Hydraulic door principle of hydraulic baler
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The hydraulic packing machine equipment is mainly applicable to the packaging and purchasing of various types of waste raw materials. The simple and efficient reduction of raw materials for packaging and packaging is to improve labor productivity, ease labor efficiency, save human resources, and reduce transportation costs. The company has improved quite a lot of economic benefits. All models of balers are based on the choice of hydraulic machine driver method, and they can choose manual or PLC automatic control system for actual operation. It is installed without foot screws, if in areas without switching power supply, diesel engine is selected as the driving force. The pushing cylinder and the pushing head are all connected by the selected curved surface structure, which has a good reliability and a long service life of the skeleton seal. Its installation is very simple and convenient, it can be installed without any foundation. The equipment is divided into door models and non-door models, and there are door models that can be equipped with automatic threading devices.

Structural characteristics of hydraulic baler machine:



1. The structure is simple, the characteristics are reliable, and it has a very good practicability to maintain the actual effect.

2. Environmental protection and environmental protection throughout the work.

3. Convenient installation without adjustment.

4. There are several models for different pressure beating box specifications to choose from

5. Large production volume, energy saving and consumption reduction.

The movement rate of the hydraulic cylinder of the hydraulic baler is controlled by the throttle valve. The pressure oil output from the hydraulic oil pump of the hydraulic baler flows through this product and is divided into two ports, one way through the throttle valve to the hydraulic oil cylinder, and the other way through the overflow valve to the oil tank. The throttle valve is like a tap, screw on the valve core, and change its opening size, you can change the total flow of oil into the hydraulic cylinder according to the throttle valve to manipulate the lifting rate. The load factor of the hydraulic cylinder is controlled by the relief valve. By adjusting the clamping force of the spring yellow in the overflow valve, the high pressure of the hydraulic oil output of the hydraulic baler can be manipulated. High pressure determines the bearing capacity of the professional ability of the baler. When the lifted external load exceeds the load-bearing capacity set by the relief valve, the oil pressure can reach the high pressure of the hydraulic oil pump. At this time, the interaction force of the hydraulic machine on the steel ball pushes the steel ball apart, and the hydraulic baler The pressure oil immediately flows to the oil tank according to the overflow valve and the return oil pipe, and the oil pressure is not easy to rise again. Therefore, the relief valve additionally plays a role in making the system have load safety maintenance.

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    The main uses of hydraulic balers are as follows:

    First, improve labor efficiency;

    Second, reduce labor intensity;

    Third, reduce transportation costs and save space

    Fourth, environmental protection and safety are good equipment for recycling companies to increase production.

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    NKBALER specializes in manufacturing various hydraulic balers to compress and pack waste into compact bales that are small in size and easy to handle. We can customize a baler that meets your baling needs at a reasonable price according to your needs. Please contact us if you need

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    NKBALER specializes in the production, manufacture and sales of hydraulic straw balers, etc. It has a long history of hydraulic machinery production and processing, advanced production equipment, and strong technology.Strength team, the company pays attention to advanced design and management concepts, has a very good quality assurance system and perfect after-sales service, our website is are always welcome to log in!

  • Development direction of Dutch hydraulic baler

    With the reform and opening up, my country’s economy has developed rapidly, the development of various industries has matured, and the packaging industry has become a relatively stable development method. From the current market situation, hydraulic balers are used in packaging machinery. The industry has played a very important role and has gradually become stable, and people’s awareness of environmental protection has been continuously strengthened. Hydraulic balers have begun to enter people’s lives and have developed into the mainstream of the packaging industry. Can hydraulic balers become the packaging industry? What is the trend of development?

    With the rapid development of the hydraulic baler industry, some small packaging machinery companies have relatively weak technology, and the balers produced are of poor quality and unstable performance, and some are even imitating other products.

    Therefore, the common phenomenon in the packaging machine industry is weak competitiveness and high degree of imitation. This also makes slow economic growth and low efficiency a development problem. The main reason is that companies cannot grasp the laws of market development and make companies move in the wrong direction. For development, it is necessary to make adjustments to determine a new development direction in response to the various unfavorable conditions.

    my country's hydraulic balers can promote the development of some industries, and these industries can also stimulate the demand for packaging. At the same time of consumption, they promote the development of hydraulic balers, transforming from protection to green and safe, and hydraulic balers can be very good To meet the needs of development, there will be a very broad space for development in the future.

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    NICKBALER has made remarkable achievements in the baler industry, and actively develops new products with low cost and high production efficiency for customers to meet customer needs.

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