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  • NKB300 Horizontal Coir Dust Baling Machine
    NKB300 Horizontal Coir Dust Baling Machine

    The Horizontal Cocopeat Baler machine Called cocopeat blocking making machine that we produced is mainly used in coco husk,sawdust, rice husk, cocopeat, coir chaff, coir dust, wood chips and so on, as it is easy operation, low investment and press block effect is very good, it is very popular among of our customer. The cocopeat block is widely used in the fuel industry, the flower industry, soil improvement and so on.  

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  • NKB100 Coir Pith Block Making Baler Machine
    NKB100 Coir Pith Block Making Baler Machine

    Cocopeat Block Making machine called cocopeat baler machine ,Nick baler of this machine used in rocopeat ,coco pitch ,sawdust field ,wood shaving materials ,chips ,paper power ,cotton seed ,rice husk  and fiber,In marketing it comes to with 5kg and 10kg are most popular ,and this block main use in Agricultures ,Coco peat is a natural organic cultivation substrate processed from coconut shell. It is a popular breeding and planting substrate in foreign countries. It is also suitable for soilless cultivation of vegetables, flowers and fruits.

    Nick Bale company produce this kind of cocopeat block machine ,its Automatic Horizontal Baling Press Machine,High Quality  Automatic Horizontal Baling Press Machine,it used hydraulic system to compress and make the sawdust into block without and other materials or glue , main function for reducing transport cost and easy storage ,reduce labor cost .

    This machine main used in sawdust mill ,dust factory ,the block can make the mins size is 280*280*100mm with 5kg ,10kg ,and 20kg ,30kg ,35kg and max 40kg we have done it .the shape can stay for 30 days no break and its put into jumb bags and send into fuels .

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  • NKW125BD Waste Papers Wire Baling Machine
    NKW125BD Waste Papers Wire Baling Machine

    Nick Baler company manufactures 44 standard model of Horizontal balers ranging in size from 700-1350mm , main used in Industrial and agricultures area, the structures with one ram baler ,bales press banding machine,two ram baler ,auto-tie ,Open end baler and more ram baler too, supplied many factory on waste paper ,recycling ,scrap plastic ,PET Bottle ,OCC paper ,films ,fiber, Grass Ect. with high-density vertical balers are easy to use and maintenance friendly and provides years of trouble-free recycling, Therefore ,your best choice,That is Nick Baler

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  • NKW100BD Cartoon Box Hydraulic Compactor Baler
    NKW100BD Cartoon Box Hydraulic Compactor Baler

    Nick baler manufacture mainly supply more than 150 kinds of baling press machine ,with strict quality control and perfect quality system ,welcome to experience our machine right now 

    This type of horizontal straw hydraulic balers use Open end door to push out the bales ,straw horizontal balers use the latest design also its matures machine with us, simple frame and solid structure.  Heavy duty close-gate design for more tighter bales, when the system given enough pressure to push the platen ,the front door use hydraulic locked gate ensures more convenient operation, unique double-cutting design of cutters improves the cutting efficiency and lengthens the lifespan of the cutters.

    All series baling press machine have semi-automatic operation, so they are easy to learn, operate and maintain. Particular anti-slide design of the machine makes nicer bales, Unique trunnion-mounted frame and ball-end joint design for the main cylinder avoid the torque on the rod, which lengthens the lifespan of the seals .

    We make it can be adjustable bale size and weight to meet customer’s requirement. The bale length and weight can be set arbitrarily, Also the bale size and voltage can be customized according to customers' reasonable requirements. Bales weight depends on different materials.

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  • NKW80BD Waste Paper Recycling Balers
    NKW80BD Waste Paper Recycling Balers

    Our cardboard waste baler and other waste management compactors bale an impressive range of Used clothes products from cardboard, plastics, paper, shrink wrap, PET, cans, general waste, rags, plastic drums, metal drums, tyres, glass, bottles, bumper bars, mattresses, plastic pipe and bulka bags amazingly all these things can be compacted by nickbaler.

    Our quality baler machines are used throughout European Certification of CE  and Quality control systeom of industrial and commercial applications to help companies keep check of the waste management compacting needs.

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