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  • Nick Baler Machine for our clients to provide maintenance and troubleshooting methods of hydraulic oil pump

    1, Storage capacity must be within the scope of the above oil window.

       Every time 

    2, Gas and oil change, must use more than 80 mesh filter oil screen, when changing to wash tank.The oil change period of six months.Four, working oil temperature 10 degrees to 50 degrees Celsius.

    3, Before start the electric pump, need to open air nut, open the switch in the unloading position.

    4, In use process found the motor temperature is exorbitant, should stop to use.Cooling after use on its own.

    5, Hydraulic pressure oil pump has been adjusted before leaving the factory, shall not be arbitrarily high, need to adjust, must with the help of a pressure gauge.

    6, high-pressure tubing factory into, after 105 mpa.But due to the hose is easy ageing, so the user need to regularly check, generally for six months, the frequent use    of vortex street flowmeter for three months, check when 87.5 MPA pressure testing, if there is any breakage, bump, leakage phenomenon, cannot use.

    7, Bearing general clean six months, the assembly when the need to add grease

  • Nick Baler Service assurance

    1. Nick brand hydraulic baling press quality assurance for a year,  long lifetime after-sales service.Starting from the date of the factory, in addition to artificial damage, except the wearing parts and natural disasters.After the repair will be in commonly 4 to 8 hours to respond.

    A, the warranty period:

    A, the first step is  we throught the telephone technical support, our technical staff will contact site staff, first of all, if the phone can solve it ,that is the best guidance by staff.If it is damaged parts, we will match a set of wearing parts if non-artificial damage accessories during our shipping time or deliver time , we will give you free mail for replacement.Such as phone technology won't solve, we can arrange door-to-door service.If the local customers, we are all in the door-to-door service in same time , door to door time according to the regional differences in general between 24 and 72 hours.

    B, belongs to the artificial damage, define scope refers to: the appearance of the equipment with accessories have obvious damage.This charge accessories and door to door transportation, artificial actual cost.

    B, outside the warranty period:

    A, we provide telephone, network, photos and other forms of technical support, provide installation instructions after send accessories, this kind of circumstance only charge  you for parts.

    B, technical support, not solve to the door, need charge actual traffic expenses, accommodation cost, artificial cost.

  • Cooling system of horizontal baler

    After a long-term operation of the horizontal hydraulic waste paper baler, the hydraulic oil generates heat and the oil temperature rises. If the temperature exceeds a certain scale, the hydraulic oil will show some functional changes, so that it will not be able to function properly. Therefore, the horizontal waste paper baler needs to be equipped with a hydraulic oil cooling system and corresponding heating equipment.

        The cooling system of Shaanxi Nickel waste paper baler is divided into two types: water-cooled and air-cooled. Both cooling systems have advantages and disadvantages. In view of the practical operating environment of horizontal waste paper balers, we usually choose a water cooling system. We introduce the advantages and disadvantages of the two cooling systems:

         Air cooling means that the wind blown by the electric fan transfers the heat to the heat sink and then reaches the cooling effect. Air cooling is usually noisy and inconvenient to repair, and is simply disturbed by dust. And the heat dissipation effect is not very obvious. The advantage is that it is cheap.

        Water cooling means that there is a circulating water pad inside the body, which can move the internal water through the water pad, and then remove the heat to reduce the temperature. Or install a water-cooled device on the outside, the operation principle is the same as the former. The disadvantage of water cooling is that the cost is too high. Not suitable for ordinary users. The advantage is that its heat dissipation function is quite good, and it will not be disturbed by dust.

        In order to ensure the use of the customer's horizontal waste paper baler, Shaanxi Nick chose a water cooling system.

  • How do customers choose their own baler

    First of all, we should first select products according to the packaging effect and the size of the package. Besides, vertical balers and horizontal balers can finish packing. So what's the difference between vertical balers and horizontal balers? What are the advantages and disadvantages of each of them? The vertical baling machine has the advantages of simple structure, small volume, light weight and low price, which is suitable for customers who are not enough budget. The price of the horizontal packing machine is relatively expensive, but it can save a lot of human cost, and it is suitable for the customers with sufficient budget and can save a lot of human cost. If it is not clear, you can contact our engineers online.

  • How to choose a suitbale baler?

    1. Why use a baler?

    In order to effiectively handle your recyclable waste or resources ,like waste paper ,used clothes ,rice husk ,
    you need a baling machine to comrpess the waste materials into baler 
    neat and tidy bales not only reduce your storage space ,its also reduce
    your transportation cost because your can certainly load more cardboard bales into 
    a container or truck as comprared to the loose ones.

    2.Who use a baler?
    Shopping mails ,retails stores ,marine vessels ,need baling machine to 
    helps them compact the waste such as cartons ,cardboards ,plastic ,films
    so that they can be stored easily before selling to recycling plant ,
    corrugating and printing company ,need baling to compact the waste paper
     trims ,recycling plants needs baling machine to compact into small bales for 
    easy transportation and save cost .

    3.Where to buy a suitable baler?
    Nkbaler is baling machine manufactures for more than 20 years with CE and NK baler
    can help you narrow down which hydraulic baling presses are idea to bales the waste materiaals 
    you are handing as well as matching it to your expected output capacity ,
    you can choose our standard models and we can also provide customized baling machine.
    if not standard ,please tell us your require ,we will do a good design sulution for you .

    4.How to choose a suitbale baler?
    (1) type of materials you will be baling .
    for example ,if you need a baling press to bale plastic ,
    you should specify the exact type of plastic ,
    ie PET bottle ? HDPE containers ,plastic bags ,plastic film
    (2)bale size and output requirement ,say how many tons per days or per hour
    (3) Voltage require ,like 380v ,440v ,480v .50hz or 60hz ,
    this is all important .

  • Precautions before purchasing a carton baler

    What problems do you need to pay attention to before purchasing waste carton baler equipment? Many consumers do not know how to choose when purchasing waste carton baler equipment, and let the merchant introduce it and buy it. The result is known during use. Not what I imagined, then how should we choose the waste carton baler we want?

    When purchasing a waste carton baler, pay attention to the "model matching" consultation. Before purchasing the waste carton baler, it is better to choose the appropriate model and power according to the size of the purchase amount and the space of the installation site. Generally speaking, consumers should not be convinced of the merchant's persuasion, because merchants often recommend high-power models with high prices, which can make you buy large ones, and merchants will never recommend you to buy small models.

    Purchase waste carton baler equipment should pay attention to avoid the disconnect between installation, maintenance and sales. In the peak season, the purchase of waste carton balers is more likely to encounter such awkwardness: As the sales volume of waste carton balers has increased significantly and customers have paid deposits, manufacturers cannot guarantee the timely and reliable quality of the waste carton balers after sale. To avoid such a situation, consumers must be aware of the situation of the manufacturer before purchase, and be prepared.

    The purchase ofwaste paper balers should pay attention to the quality of the equipment: see if the design of the frame is reasonable and safe, look at the selected accessories, and see if the processing technology pays attention to every detail. The waste carton balers processed by small workshops are not smooth in appearance. The accessories are generally low-cost products in China, so the price is cheap. They only require cheap prices and do not pay attention to safety and quality.Choosing Nick Machinery is your safest guarantee.

  • Uses of used clothing recycling and used clothing baling Pressing Machine

    When the Used clothes are recycled, they must be washed, disinfected and sorted, and then the clothes are sorted reasonably. After the sorting is completed, different treatment methods will be adopted to make these Used clothes produce better value. If everything goes well, you can make a lot of money. Then in this process, you will use a clothing baler, also called a clothing compressor, which reduces the convenience of shipping and reduces the transportation cost.

    1.Fashionable and clean clothes can continue to be sold

    If the fashionable and clean clothes sorted out can be sterilized, ironed, and packed, then they can be sUsed to some places where they are needed at home and abroad. The prices are cheap, the styles are good, and they are very popular products. Then in this process, a clothing baler is also needed because it is transported.

    2, cotton clothes can be made into industrial supplies

    If it is cotton clothes, after sorting out, it can be processed and sent to a professional factory for industrial supplies. Such as oily rags, or mops, or other products.

    This process requires the use of a garment bagging machine, also called a compressor.

    3.Blend waste textiles can also be reused

    Blended clothing can be used to produce flame retardants after crushing, and can be used for pressing into automotive panels, air conditioning and sound insulation materials; or chopped and functionalized finishing into wall insulation materials. This process requires the use of clothing shredders and Used rag baler machine or rag bagging machine.

    4, waste polyester clothing can also be reused

    Waste polyester clothing can be processed in factories to re-produce polyester fibers. Or adopt alcoholysis and other processes to produce regenerated functional fibers and make them into high-heat-keeping and memory-filling materials for the home industry.

    In summary, the recycling of used clothes is also a relatively environmentally friendly and profitable industry. After the disposal of used clothes, the uses are also very extensive, but it is also very difficult to obtain huge profits by recycling used more information ,please visit 

  • Straw hydraulic baler is easy to break the factors

    The straw hydraulic baler is no stranger to the country, and the appearance is more and more, and the appearance is also uneven. Some customers will ask: Why is the straw hydraulic baler easy to break?

    In particular, some customers operate the straw hydraulic baler in a hostile space, which is a significant discount to the service life of the straw hydraulic baler. For those who analyze the impact on the straw hydraulic baler in harsh environments:

    1. Severe and humid environment. There are many factories producing aquatic products with relatively high air humidity, and even the surface area of ??the water is very deep. At this time, it is obviously inappropriate to use ordinary semi-automatic balers. First, the machine itself will be easily damaged, and secondly, the straps are retracted. When the tape is dropped on the ground, it will be very unsmooth.

    2. A corrosive environment. This environment is mainly characterized by strong acid or strong base. Since the outer casing of carbon steel is not as resistant to corrosion as stainless steel, the casing is easily corroded under such circumstances.

    84dfe1a2639883a9efafd941aa6b582 拷贝.jpg

    If the working environment of the straw hydraulic baler can not be objectively changed, it is recommended that customers pay attention to the corrosion resistance of the straw hydraulic baler shell, the material and thickness of the shell, and the straw hydraulic baler when purchasing the straw hydraulic baler. Before and after the time period, it is best to clean the baler and pay attention to maintenance.

    The above is the reason why the straw hydraulic baler is easy to break, I hope to help more information ,please visit : 

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