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  • What is the PCL control system of waste paper baler?

    Nick Machinery is currently a well-known enterprise in the domestic waste material recycling industry. 

    The products produced are China's excellent quality, assured brand, quality, service, reputation, and consumer trustworthy products. 

    It is one of the best hydraulic machinery production bases in China.

    The company has modern large-scale workshops and adopts modern enterprise management mode.

    The control system of the waste paper baler is constantly developing and changing. 

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    The PCL control system is a relatively advanced control system introduced by the waste paper baler. 

    It is actually the product of the combination of computer technology and relay contact control technology. 

    At the same time, the input and output of PCL are still Closely think about low-voltage electrical appliances.

    The PCL control technology room has evolved from simple control systems to complex control systems, 

    from hard-wired control systems of contacts to computer-centric storage control systems.

    The PCL control system integrates many advanced science and technology such as computers, automatic control, electronic technology, and precision measurement.

    The waste paper baler produced by Nick Machinery has always had its own uniqueness, because we believe that we can only make our products more refined and distinctive.

    Only when users and friends are more satisfied can we have a good market for history. Make customers and friends give more praise to our waste paper baler.

  • What does the pressure oil of the waste paper hydraulic baler flow through?

    Waste paper hydraulic baler is widely used in various waste paper factories, waste paper recycling companies and other units and enterprises. It is suitable for the packaging and recycling of waste paper and plastic straw.

    The pressure oil of the waste paper hydraulic baler flows directly back to the oil tank through the safety valve and the oil return pipe, and the hydraulic oil pressure will not continue to rise. Therefore, the safety valve also plays a role of overload protection in the system. The oil sucked from the oil tank by the hydraulic pump of the waste paper hydraulic baler is filtered by the oil filter to remove impurities and dirt, and protect the valves in the system from clogging. Most of the power of the waste paper hydraulic baler is provided by the hydraulic pump, so the pressure standard of the hydraulic pump is strict.


    The pressure oil from the hydraulic pump of the waste paper hydraulic baler enters the lower cavity of the hydraulic cylinder through the left ring groove of the throttle valve and the reversing valve core along the pipeline. Under the action of the pressure oil of the waste paper hydraulic baler, the piston moves upward to push the working mechanism to realize the lifting action. At this time, the oil discharged from the upper cavity of the hydraulic cylinder flows back to the oil tank through the ring groove and pipeline on the right side of the reversing valve spool. The movement speed of the hydraulic cylinder is controlled by a throttle valve. The pressure oil output by the hydraulic pump of the waste paper hydraulic baler is divided into the latter two ways of the one-way valve, one enters the hydraulic cylinder through the throttle valve, and the other returns to the oil tank through the safety valve. The throttle valve is like a faucet. By twisting the spool and changing its opening size, the oil flow into the hydraulic cylinder through the throttle valve can be changed to control the lifting speed. The output of the hydraulic cylinder is controlled by a safety valve. By adjusting the pressure of the spring in the safety valve, the oil pressure output by the hydraulic pump of the waste paper hydraulic baler can be controlled.


    The pressure determines the carrying capacity of the waste paper hydraulic baler. When the lifting load exceeds the load capacity of the safety valve, the hydraulic pressure of the hydraulic oil reaches the pressure of the hydraulic pump. At this time, the hydraulic pressure acting on the steel ball pushes the steel ball away.

    Nick Machinery's waste paper baler has experienced more than ten years of development, forming a variety of models, and keeping up with the market. You are welcome to consult

  • Is the waste paper vertical baler better for single cylinder or double cylinder

    Nick Machinery vertical waste paper baler is divided into single cylinder baler and double cylinder baler according to the number of hydraulic cylinders. These two are more commonly used products, in fact there are three-cylinder and four-cylinder.

    When choosing a vertical waste paper baler, should you choose a single cylinder or a double cylinder?

    Look at the processing volume and raw materials. If the bale is larger and the length is more than 1 meter, in principle the double cylinder is more suitable, the left and right compression is more uniform, and the density is better; if the bale is small, or the processing volume is small, the compressed raw materials are mostly all waste paper packaging boxes. , Single-cylinder compression is enough; in the long run, two-cylinder machines are more durable, which is from the left and right compression forces.

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    The first option: According to the length and width of the compressed material, generally the length is within 1 meter to choose a single cylinder, and the length is greater than 1 meter (including one meter), and the double cylinder is selected to prevent compression. The material length is too long, causing deformation of the pressing plate, and the supporting effect of the double cylinder is better.

    The second option: choose single-cylinder for more rigid materials, softer materials, less expansion, and easy to compress and deform. For hard materials or metal materials, it is generally recommended to use double cylinders, so that the double hydraulic cylinders can compress more effectively.

    We will further establish the quality awareness of "produce a product, establish a monument", and do the most convincing publicity based on the actual performance and integrity of the product. Welcome to our website more information ,

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  • China Scrap Plastic Bottle baler

    Shaanxi Nick Machinery Factory's scrap Plastic Bottle baler has been able to promote itself through many ways during the development in recent years. It is widely used in light industry, food, foreign trade, department stores, printing, medicine, chemical industry, post and telecommunications, textile and other occupations, and can meet the needs of the masses.

    Shaanxi Nick Machinery Factory insists on lubricating the inner and outer chains of the scrap Plastic Bottle baler chain, adding HJ20-HJ40 mechanical oil, when the membrane frame moves up and down and there is jitter, it can be eliminated by tensioning the chain. When the turntable slows down or slips, open the turntable motor cover, loosen the four connecting bolts on the reduction gear board, and then adjust the two tension bolts clockwise evenly to reach the required tension and tighten the four connecting bolts .

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    The electrical cabinet should be closed, cleaned regularly, and the electrical components and electrical connections should be checked to ensure the normal use of the equipment. The goods must not exceed the design packaging height, otherwise, it will affect the packaging effect. The goods should be placed within the range of the turntable. If the goods are too large, they should be within 100mm or according to the actual space of the scrap Plastic Bottle packer, otherwise the scrap Plastic Bottle packer may be damaged. When placing the product packaging, it should be moved as gently as possible to avoid deforming the chassis or shortening the life of the machine.

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    Unscrew the emergency stop button, and the power indicator of the electric control box lights up. The remote local gear selection switch is turned to the remote gear. Put the magnetic switch on the remote control into the card slot, press the system start button on the remote control twice, the siren sounds for 10 seconds, then the warning device is stopped and the red warning light is always on. Press the start button of the conveyor belt on the remote control to operate the conveyor belt and push the paper or other materials into the inlet of the conveyor belt. The conveyor belt will bring the material into the packaging entrance.Nick Baler can supply many kinds of baler machine,Waste paper baler machine,Cardboard Paper Baling Machine,For more information ,please visit :   or   .even you can send us whatsAPP:00 86 15021631102 to free talk and inquiry as any time

  • What's the price of Coir Dust Baling Machine

    The Horizontal Cocopeat Baler machine Called cocopeat blocking making machine that we produced is mainly used in coco husk,sawdust, rice husk, cocopeat, coir chaff, coir dust, wood chips and so on, as it is easy operation, low investment and press block effect is very good, it is very popular among of our customer. The cocopeat block is widely used in the fuel industry, the flower industry, soil improvement and so on.  


    The Horizontal Cocopeat Baler machine Called cocopeat blocking making machine that we produced is mainly used in coco husk,sawdust, rice husk, cocopeat, coir chaff, coir dust, wood chips and so on, as it is easy operation, low investment and press block effect is very good, it is very popular among of our customer. The cocopeat block is widely used in the fuel industry, the flower industry, soil improvement and so on. also this machine with higher capacity of 180 pieces of block ,and each block weight is 6.5kg ,even we can make 5kg as the block size changed ,it with higher pressure power ,use hydraulic power to make tight of this block ,the moistures require is under 15% .

  • How do customers choose their own baler ?

    First of all, we should first select products according to the packaging effect and the size of the package. 

    Besides, vertical balers and horizontal balers can finish packing. So what's the difference between vertical balers and horizontal balers? 

    What are the advantages and disadvantages of each of them? 

    The vertical baling machine has the advantages of simple structure, small volume, light weight and low price, which is suitable for customers who are not enough budget. The price of the horizontal packing machine is relatively expensive, but it can save a lot of human cost, and it is suitable for the customers with sufficient budget and can save a lot of human cost. If it is not clear, you can contact our engineers online.



    Bale   size (mm)

    Bale weight(kg)














































    30-35 T/H




    Bale   size (mm)

    Bale weight(kg)











    2-3 T/Day





    3-4 T/Day





    3-4 T/Day





    3-5 T/Day





    3-5 T/Day





    5-7 T/Day


  • Nick Baler Machine for our clients to provide maintenance

    Maintenance considerations

    1. The oil pump uses No. 20 engine oil.

    2. The oil storage capacity must be within the range above the oil window.

    3. Each time you refuel and change the oil, you must use an oil filter with a mesh of 80 mesh or more to clean it. The oil change period is six months.

    4, working oil temperature of 10 degrees Celsius to 50 degrees Celsius.

    5. Before starting the electric pump, open the bleed nut and open the switch to the unloading position.

    6. During use, if the motor temperature is too high, stop using it. Use after cooling down by yourself.

    7. The hydraulic oil pump has been adjusted before leaving the factory. It must not be adjusted at will. When readjustment is required, it must be performed with the help of a pressure gauge.

    8. The high-pressure oil pipe is delivered from the factory and passed the 105MPA test. However, because the hose is easy to age, users need to check it often, usually for six months. The vortex flowmeter is frequently used for three months. During the inspection, the pressure is 87.5MPA. .

    9. Bearings are usually cleaned once every six months, and grease needs to be added during assembly.

  • NKB240 Straw Hydraulic Baler Manufacturing Industry

    Shaanxi Nick Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. straw hydraulic packing machine factory is a professional research and development, manufacturing straw hydraulic baler production enterprises. The main products are: hydraulic balers, waste paper balers, straw hydraulic balers and other hydraulic machinery, but also according to customer requirements of various specifications of non-standard hydraulic equipment. Products are widely used in metal smelting, textile, chemical fiber, paper, waste recycling, waste recycling, renewable resources and metal processing industry.

    Packaging machinery market, small and medium enterprises to become the main force of procurement. In the past, packaging machinery has been thought to be large and medium-sized enterprises equipment, but today, its popularity is getting higher and higher. And the development of China's economy is synchronized. Industry research scholars pointed out that the increase in straw hydraulic balers machinery, indicating that the strong development of national industry, the industry is good, and other industries are certainly in the rapid development. Like the development of the automotive industry, then the steel industry, the tire industry, the oil industry will be better.

    The decline in raw materials and manpower costs, and the level of scientific and technological research and development of straw balancer hydraulic machine why the rapid development of it? Analysts pointed out that due to the current level of raw material prices on the overall level showing a downward trend; national university enrollment, the quality of the staff of the general level of progress, because the number of employed staff, so the human capital prices did not rise but the quality has improved; The quality of staff progress and experience in the rich, as well as the introduction of foreign technology, making the domestic baler's technical level is also increasingly mature.

    Straw hydraulic baler is the most important of a movement, it is the overall level of the packer has a master control of the level. Has always been thought to be a bottleneck in the development of straw hydraulic balers machinery, this year, with the market competition intensified, the enterprises are competing to introduce technology and talent, the bottleneck gradually broken.

    At present, the domestic machinery enterprise brand integration, technical resources, centralized optimization, the overall decline in raw material prices, will make the straw hydraulic baler machinery prices and performance more information ,please visit :

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