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  • Morocco full automatic hydraulic baler manufacturer

    In recent years, the emergence of fully automatic hydraulic balers has made ordinary balers less brilliant than before.

    This is why, let's take a look at the difference between the automatic baler and the ordinary baler.

    1. Working principle:

    The working principle of the automatic baler is different from that of the ordinary baler, one does not require manual operation, and the other requires manual operation.

    It is precisely because of this difference that many factories will choose to use a fully automatic baler. For companies with higher production efficiency, it is more appropriate to choose a fully automatic baler.

    2. Work efficiency:

    Since the automatic Baler machine adopts automatic Baler, the work efficiency is higher than that of the ordinary Baler machine.

    The operation mode of the automatic Baler machine is flexible, and the customer can operate according to their actual situation when operating.

    IMG_20200103_100127 拷贝.jpg

    3. Service life:

    The service life of the fully automatic baler is longer than that of the ordinary baler, because it does not require much operation during work, and the probability of failure is relatively small, but the relatively short service life of the ordinary machine, in fact, it mainly depends on our maintenance, the machine Good maintenance will increase the service life accordingly.

    4. Price:

    Because the working principle is different, the working efficiency is different, and the configuration is different, so the price between the two is also very different.

    The NICKBALER automatic hydraulic baler is an unmanned operation of automatic compression and baling, suitable for places with a lot of materials.

  • Product features of cow dung filter press

    The cow dung filter press is specially designed for the treatment of animal dung. It is mainly used for the pressure filtration and compression of cow dung, sheep dung, chicken dung and other animal dung, and the cow dung water after dehydration by the cow dung filter press The portion is low, and it can be used as a cow bedding material, bio-organic fertilizer, etc.

    The cow dung filter press is NICKBALER's independent research equipment. It adopts a high-quality team, professional design talents, and spends a lot of manpower, material and financial resources. It is produced after years of discussion and research.

    The NICKBALER cow dung filter press adopts the most advanced processing equipment and purchases well-known mechanical parts at home and abroad. The equipment is stable and durable, and the production efficiency is high, which greatly improves the later production efficiency and profit for customers.

    微信图片_20210615144623 拷贝.jpg

    NICKBALER is the first domestic manufacturer of hydraulic machinery with the qualification to produce cow dung filter presses. Compared with other manufacturers of the same type, NICKBALER has more mature technology, more complete equipment and more extensive use.

    NICKBALER cow dung filter press has the characteristics of simple structure, convenient use, high working efficiency, stable action and moderate price. 

  • Cambodian cotton baler manufacturers

    With the development of e-commerce and logistics industry, more and more hydraulic balers are known by people, and cotton balers are also known by more people. Let’s take a look at the product advantages of cotton balers today!

    Advantages of automatic cotton baler:

    1. Strict welding process, the appearance is stronger than ordinary machines, and the welding appearance is beautiful and generous.  

    2. High space utilization efficiency, compact structure, excellent performance and reasonable use of space.  

    3. Save time, easy installation, operation and maintenance, and avoid more difficulties.

    4. The quality of the whole machine is scientifically increased and stable, and the operation is easier and simpler.

    5. Excellent mechanical design makes the equipment durable.

    1199f0e4b17834fa8694dfe9bd6504a 拷贝.jpg

    NICKBALER cotton baler is compact, neat and beautiful. It is a necessary production tool for cotton producing areas, textile enterprises, garment factories and other light industrial enterprises.

  • Dubai tire Baler

    The horizontal tire baler is a hydraulic machine developed by NICKBALER for Baler rubber tires. It can be used to compress and pack rubber items such as tires inside and outside cars, tractors, truck tires, and engineering tires.

    The main reasons for the abnormal pressure of the horizontal tire baler are:

    1. The oil filter is blocked, the liquid flow channel is too small, and the oil viscosity is too high to absorb oil.

    2. The viscosity of the system is too low, the leakage is serious, the oil enters too much air, and the pollution is serious.

    3. The motor power is insufficient, the speed is too low, the piping is wrong, and the pressure gauge is damaged.


    NICKBALER tire balers are mainly used in 4S shops and large garbage disposal sites, with reliable performance, simple operation and convenient maintenance.

  • How to choose Nepal gantry shearing machine

    The choice of gantry shears is skillful. Only by choosing the right equipment can the production be better completed. So how to choose gantry shears? Let me teach you a few tricks below.

    1. Gantry shears are divided into automatic and manual. Manual equipment is cheaper, but automatic equipment has higher work efficiency and processing quality, which can reduce labor costs, so automatic gantry shears are more popular.

    2. Choose equipment with wide applicability. The gantry shears have to deal with various materials. When choosing a gantry, you should see whether the equipment is suitable for processing various different metals. If the applicability is wider, it will be more used. convenient.

    3. Choose equipment of big brand, gantry scissors should choose high quality, and the quality of big brand products will not be bad, you don’t have to worry about quality and service if you choose such products, if you choose equipment from unknown manufacturers for cheap, then Various problems are likely to occur in the use of the equipment, and it is troublesome to deal with them.


    Since its establishment, NICKBALER has focused on the production and research and development of hydraulic machinery and equipment, and has actively developed low-cost, high-efficiency, and new products that meet customer needs.

  • Advantages of Thailand vertical waste paper baler

    NICKBALER vertical waste paper baler is specially used for the recycling, compression and packaging of waste corrugated boxes, cardboard, newspapers and other materials.

    The performance advantages of vertical waste paper packaging:

    1. The hydraulic transmission power is stable and the pressure is high

    The hydraulic system of the vertical waste paper baler can continuously and stably generate driving force, and the pressure is greater than that of the pneumatic transmission device, which can effectively realize low-speed and large-tonnage operation.

    2. Compact structure

    With the same power, the hydraulic system transmission device has a smaller volume, a more compact structure, and has better performance than a pneumatic transmission device.


    3. Good safety performance

    The safety protection work of the vertical waste paper baler using hydraulic transmission is relatively easier, and the safety threat coefficient is small during operation.

    NICKBALER vertical waste paper baler has the characteristics of small footprint, simple operation, high work efficiency, and mobile use.

  • Austrian metal baler application

    There are many kinds of scrap metal in ideal life, good and bad, it is a big problem in storage, transportation and smelting in the steel plant furnace, and long-term retention of scrap metal will cause light pollution of the air, long-term storage It will take up space and cause harm to the body.

    We have to dispose of scrap metal in many ways. Since scrap metal is a viable resource, recycling can produce new steel, which can be put into market again and recycled. This can save a lot of resource extraction and also maintain the collapse of the earth’s mining resources. The phenomenon of lack of chaos.

    Tianjin Shunda Scrap Iron Briquetting Machine can pack all kinds of scrap metals into lump iron blocks for convenient storage, transportation and smelting.

    The scrap metal baler can squeeze a variety of relatively large metal scraps, scrap steel, scrap iron, scrap copper, scrap aluminum, crashed car shells, waste oil barrels, etc. into various shapes of qualified furnace materials such as cubes, cylinders, and octagons. , So as to facilitate storage, transportation and recycling and reuse.

    jk 拷贝.jpg

    After pressing into a block, the loss is extremely low when it is put into the furnace for recycling. The whole process does not require heating, additives or other processes, and it is directly cold-pressed to form, and the original material is not changed while forming.

    For example, cast iron scraps are used instead of cast pig iron after forming, and the recycling of special material castings is of greater significance.

    NICKBALER metal baler has a wide range of applications, simple operation, good packaging effect, neat and beautiful packaging, and high density. Contact consultation telephone 86-29-86031588

  • How much is the straw baler in Vietnam

    Straw baler is mainly used for Baler and compressing crop straw materials such as wheat straw, corn stalk, rice straw, sorghum stalk, fungus grass, etc.

    So, how much is a straw baler, and how much is the price of a straw baler?

    1. The straw baler with high degree of automation has relatively high working efficiency, but the relative price is also relatively expensive.

    2. The size of the straw baler is different and the price is also different. The larger the baler, the higher the price, and the faster the baler per unit time. We can choose the size of the baler according to our needs.

    3. You can choose a good baler according to the brand of the baler. The brand effect is popular with many customers. The brand is good. The quality of the baler is relatively high in the market, so try to buy the brand when you buy it. Baler.

    892297185810323776 拷贝.jpg

    When choosing a straw baler, you need to shop around. It is not only the price, but also the quality of the baler, market reputation and after-sales service.

    NICKBALER straw baler has small investment, fast profitability, and very simple actual operation. It is the best choice for your equipment project.

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